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Ayaneo and Qualcomm team up on new Android handheld

The Ayaneo Pocket S release date may not be known, but we've got a full reveal of the upcoming Android handheld and its new Snapdragon chipset.

Ayaneo Pocket S release date header, showing a white console with two grips either side of a black screen.

Ayaneo is releasing a new Android handheld with the latest and most powerful portable chip from Qualcomm, the tope end of the Snapdragon G series. We don’t know when the Ayaneo Pocket S release date falls, but it’s still quite exciting, particularly given that Ayaneo’s best portable gaming consoles all run Windows.

The main draw is the Snapdragon G3x Gen 2, designed for the exact purpose the Pocket S is pushing for. With its hardware-accelerated ray-tracing abilities, it could be quite a powerful machine, assuming you can get powerful Android games downloaded.

Other than the Sony Project Q release date rumors we’ve seen, there aren’t many big names on the horizon for the Android handheld space. Of course, we still don’t know how performant the G3x is, nor how well it integrates with Ayaneo’s new handheld. We will, of course, test it out as soon as we can.

If that sorta thing interests you, and you don’t fancy waiting for the Ayaneo Pocket S release date, check out our Ayaneo 2 review to see if it’s for you.

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