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The B-Project Ryusei Fantasia release date debuts soon

We’re eagerly awaiting the B-Project Ryusei Fantasia release date after PQube and Mages announced the sparkling musical visual novel.

B-Project Ryusei Fantasia release date: Three of the idol boys all in pink and blue outfits, grouped together and pasted ona blurred graphic in pastel colors

Believe it or not, idol culture isn’t just a girls’ profession, as developer Mages Inc aims to show in its new visual novel. The B-Project Ryusei Fantasia release date pulls back the curtain on the lives of 14 up-and-coming idols as they navigate the choppy waters of stardom.

B-Project Ryusei Fantasia follows the story of the B-Project idol group through your important work as the boys’ Artist and Repertoire (A&R) assistant. A staple of visual novel games is the stunning and colorful artwork, which B-Project is full of. All of the members have the same dream, but each has a unique personality, likes and dislikes, and style. Grow your relationship with your favorite through your phone, helping them with their troubles and getting to know each other.

B-Project’s journey as an idol group begins with four separate units – KITAKORE, MooNs, THRIVE, and KiLLER KiNG – each with catchy and compelling original songs to discover, because what’s the point of an idol game without music? Watch the story come to life with full voice acting and expressive animations that are sure to have you falling head over heels for the boys.

When is the B-Project Ryusei Fantasia release date?

B-Project Ryusei Fantasia is coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2024, but we don’t have an exact release date just yet. We’ll update this page when B-Project is ready to debut as a group!

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