The best otome games for Android and iOS

Seduced by sassy succubi, doted on by delightful demons, swept off your feet by a handsome.... Horse? These otome games truly have something for everyone

Otome game characters from Tears of Themis, Obey Me, and Ikemen Vampire

Welcome to the wonderful world of otome games, where anything is possible – from dating cute demons, to falling head over hooves for a handsome horse prince. Featuring themes of romance, plenty of gorgeous guys, and an abundance of utterly wild plots, these games are just as likely to have you chuckling to yourself in glee as they are to get you hot under the collar. So buckle up. We’re in for a wild ride.

Otome games can be pretty tough to define, so we’ll begin by explaining what exactly otome means, before diving into a variety of enthralling titles sure to keep your pulse racing and your thumbs tapping for the foreseeable future. Whether you’re hoping to build up a harem of handsome husbands to admire, or want to lose yourself to a myriad of beautifully bizarre narratives, this is your one-stop-shop for the best otome games on mobile.

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What are otome games?

Before we dive into our list of otome games, we should probably take a look at what exactly otome is. Otome gemu (also known as otoge) literally means ‘maiden game’. They’re most commonly defined as story-driven experiences, often in the form of a visual novel featuring dating sim elements, with women as their target audience. Usually, the main goal in otome games is to develop a relationship between the female protagonist and your choice of one (or sometimes more than one) of several male love interests.

Obey Me Asmodeus in his demon form

Many consider otome games and dating sims to be synonymous. However, this isn’t strictly the case. According to this article by Manga.Tokyo, otome is more of an umbrella term that covers a variety of sub-categories, including dating sims and visual novels. However, they highlight the key difference between otome games and dating sims as the fact that otome games don’t necessarily have to cover romantic storylines, whereas dating sims typically focus solely on romance.

Two other terms that are often linked closely with otome are galge and eroge. Galge is pretty much the same thing as otome, but in reverse. Aimed at a heterosexual male audience, these titles typically feature a male protagonist with a selection of female love interests. Eroge, on the other hand, covers games with explicit sexual content, which can be aimed at any adult audience.

For the purposes of this guide, we’ll focus on narrative-driven games aimed at female audiences, that are either Japanese or heavily inspired by the Japanese games in the genre. And, of course, all of our picks feature at least one handsome husbando for you to fawn over.

The best otome games on mobile

Here are our top picks for the best mobile otome games in English, for both Android and iOS.

Obey Me characters taking a photo together


A personal favourite of mine, Obey Me! is a Shall We Date title from otome giants, NTT Solmare Corp, that has you take the role of a human exchange student in the Devildom. Surrounded by a cast of unusual characters, including seven dramatically different demon brothers, you must try your best to fit in and survive the mountain of tasks thrown at you, while also untangling their chaotic squabbles and predicaments.

With fun, card-based dance battles, a gacha system, interactive menus, date opportunities, phone calls and chat logs, limited-time events, and multiple routes to take, this one has a bit of everything. And, honestly, the characters are so strong and entertaining that I found myself less focused on the romance, as I was more enraptured with the chaotic relationships between them – they truly are a zany bunch.

To get to know all these handsome chaps and which gifts they love the most, check out our Obey Me characters guide. And, if you enjoy this one, there are plenty more great Shall We Date games, so be sure to check out NTT Solmare Corp’s other titles.

Obey Me is available on Google Play and the AppStore.

Ikemen Vampire characters posing against a moonlit backdrop

Ikemen Vampire

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if important historical figures such as Napoleon Bonaparte, Joan of Arc, Marie Curie, and William Shakespeare were cute anime boys that you could date? No? Well, I bet you’re at least kind of curious now, right? Luckily, Ikemen Vampire is here to answer that question for you. Dive into a vibrant, romantic tale, as you’re swept into the world of these gorgeous, dangerous men – can you survive temptation?

If you plan to embark on this exciting journey, check out our Ikemen Vampire characters and walkthrough guide, with all the answers to help you win their undead hearts.

Ikemen Vampire isn’t the only game in this series. Cyrbid’s Ikemen otome games cover a huge range of romantic scenarios – if you like one, you’re bound to enjoy the others. Check out our Ikemen Prince characters guide for more.

Ikemen Vampire is available on Google Play and the AppStore.

Tears of Themis characters surrounded by butterflies and flowers

Tears of Themis

While Hoyoverse (previously known as Mihoyo) is best-known for its massive, open-world hit, Genshin Impact, and popular ARPG Honkai Impact 3rd, that hasn’t stopped it from dipping its toes into the otome world – and to much success. Tears of Themis combines elements of crime, romance, and drama, with beautiful artwork, music, and a team of talented voice actors to boot. Whether you’re uncovering delicate evidence, or getting to know your handsome colleagues, this game transports you into a fast-paced and enveloping world – one which is hard to put down.

If you’re looking for a little extra help as you seek out the truth shrouded in this mystery, check out our Tears of Themis cards and Tears of Themis characters guides.

Tears of Themis is available on Google Play and the AppStore.

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Feral Hearts characters backed by neon lights


Feral Hearts has you take the role of an inexperienced PR assistant-turned-agent, as you’re pushed to manage four of Tokyo’s hottest heartthrobs while your boss is off sick. However, things aren’t quite what they seem, and these boys have a dangerous secret hidden beneath the flawless faces they put on for the public. Get close to the hypnotic, alluring rockstar, Masaki, the sweet and sexy top model, Taiki, the smouldering playboy actor, Kyo, or the ambitious and sensational K-pop star, Hansol, as you help them get through their hectic lives and keep them safe – but what happens when you’re the one that needs saving?

The story is great, steeped in mystery, romance, and supernatural elements, tied into the crazy world of stardom. No matter which route you choose, you’re in for a wild ride with these feral hearts.

Feral Hearts is available on Google Play.

Mystic Messenger characters in a grand ballroom

Mystic Messenger

Classics are called classics for a reason, and Mystic Messenger certainly earned that title. Released by Cheritz back in 2016, this game has reached massive popularity due to its fun story and adorable characters, plus the level of replayability as you work your way through the different story routes.

It all begins when you find yourself looking for an app to kill some time. You stumble across ‘Mystic Messenger’ and think it sounds interesting, so you download it, and find yourself chatting with a mysterious unknown person. They convince you to go to a strange studio apartment (stranger danger be damned, am I right?), where your chat is suddenly connected to a group of handsome chaps. Before you know it, you’re joining their secret party planning association called RFA, and must find people to invite before time’s up, while also building personal relationships with each of these unique lads.

It’s an odd story, but the simulation of the active chat, individual personalities of the characters, and conversation windows based on your real-life local time, all add a real sense of life to the game, and the characters quickly start to feel like your real friends.

Of course, a party isn’t a party without guests – so be sure to check out our Mystic Messenger emails guide to make sure you throw the best event around. That’ll cause all the boys to swoon.

Mystic Messenger is available on Google Play and the AppStore.

New Carnival characters surrounded in glitter

Nu: Carnival

Okay, so this one’s definitely more eroge than otome, featuring heaps of steamy, explicit scenes, but we couldn’t help but include it. Instead of a female protagonist, you play as a young man called Eiden, who must woo the handsome Gemstone Clan members and harness their essence to regulate the Gemstone Altars. This spicy game features heaps of BL (boys love) goodness, along with a group of gorgeous guys, and turn-based RPG combat.

If you want to introduce yourself to the Gemstone Clan members, check out our Nu Carnival characters guide. We also have a list of all the latest Nu Carnival codes full of fun freebies. But be wary that it’s explicit, and not suitable for younger audiences.

Head over to our Nu Carnival download guide to start playing today.

Three CGs from My Horse Prince, showing his playing guitar and singing, gazing into the eyes of the protagonist, and eating with chopsticks

My Horse Prince

If you think you’ve already seen the weirdest titles the otome genre has to offer, hold your horses, because My Horse Prince is a horse of a different colour. Hop into the saddle as you take the role of a young businesswoman who’s spent most of her life working. That is, until she decides to leave work and visit a racing horse ranch, where she’s swept off her feet by the dashing (and prancing) horse prince, Yuuma.

He’s multi-talented – he can surf, he can ski, he can play guitar and sing, he’s a super successful businessman, and he’s both the knight in shining armour and the majestic horse that carries you off into the horizon. This bizarre little gem not only offers a wild narrative for you to get lost in, but it also allows you to get to know your horse by having chats, grooming him, and helping him train up for a huge race. It’s honestly genius, and bound to bring you plenty of giggles – personally, just looking at the CG art is a sure-fire way to pick up my mood.

My Horse Prince is available on Google Play and the AppStore.

That’s it for our list of the best otome games on mobile. If you’re all loved up and want something fresh to play, check out our list of the best mobile RPGs and the best Switch RPGs for more enveloping tales from other worlds.