Best Nintendo Switch headsets in 2024 – top headphones and earphones

We've picked out six of the best Nintendo Switch headsets, including wired and wireless headphones and earphones to improve your gaming experience.

One of the best Nintendo Switch headsets, the Razer Barracuda, against a blue Pocket Tactics background

Having the best Nintendo Switch headset will help you to feel more deeply immersed in the worlds of your favorite video games. Nintendo games have always featured great soundtracks, from the ‘DK Rap’, to the absolutely amazing remixes in Cadence of Hyrule. A gaming headset means you can listen to them in high-quality audio, as well as when gaming on the go. In this guide, we’ll help you find the best Nintendo Switch headset for your needs and budget – whether that’s a subtle pair of wireless earbuds for traveling or a premium Switch headset that lasts all day.

We’ve picked out this selection of the best Nintendo Switch headsets, headphones, and earphones so that you can enjoy all the best Switch games even more. Not all gaming headsets are fully compatible with Nintendo Switch consoles (because the Switch can’t be used with microphones) but you still might want one with a microphone for playing Switch multiplayer games with your headset connected to a phone.

Many of the headsets in this list also work with the best portable gaming consoles. Calling on our hours of real-life gameplay experience, we’ve chosen a mixture of the best Nintendo Switch headsets, headphones, and earphones to help you choose the best headset.

These are the best Nintendo Switch headsets available now:

  1. Razer Baracuda – best Switch gaming headset overall
  2. Turtle Beach Recon 500 – most comfortable
  3. HyperX Cloud II – best Switch headphones
  4. HP gaming headset – cheapest Switch headphones
  5. OTL Pikachu earphones – best Pokemon earphones
  6. Skullcandy Dime earbuds – best Switch earphones

Best Nintendo Switch headset: Razer Barracuda.

1. Razer Barracuda

The best gaming headset for Switch is the Razer Barracuda.

Razer Barracuda specs:

Wired or Wireless? Wireless (Bluetooth)
Microphone Yes
Battery life 40 hours
Drivers 50mm
Type over-the-ear


  • 40-hour battery life
  • Fantastic sound quality
  • Soft memory foam ear cushions


  • Ear cups may be too narrow for some
  • Wired vs Bluetooth limitations

If you see a headset that was made by Razer, you know it’s going to be a good one. The Razer Barracuda is one of the best Nintendo Switch headsets for most people, and a great wireless gaming headset overall. Its Razer TriForce 40mm Drivers provide fantastic sound quality, while plush memory foam ear cushions will keep your ears as comfortable as possible while you game for longer periods.

Using a Bluetooth connection and something called a SmartSwitch, the Razer Barracuda actually lets you easily switch between audio sources with the press of a button. Finished on the Switch and now you want to settle down with one of the best mobile games instead? Press the button, and you’ll be getting audio from your gaming phone instead (although it does sometimes struggle to work as smoothly as it should).

The Razer Barracuda isn’t the cheapest headset for Nintendo Switch, but it’s reasonably priced for the performance and comfort you get. If you want a headset that you’ll use not just for your Switch, but for every other device in your home, then this is a strong option. It even has a microphone that you might like to use for communication with your friends in online play via the Nintendo Switch Online mobile app. If you can afford it, you won’t find many headsets as good as this one.

Best Switch headsets: the Turtle Beach Recon 500 face down on a sofa.

2. Turtle Beach Recon 500

The most comfortable Switch headset.


  • Comfortable to wear
  • Decent price


  • Minimal customization
  • Strangely shaped mic

Turtle Beach Recon 500 specs:

Wired or Wireless? Wired
Microphone Yes
Drivers 60mm Eclipse Dual Drivers
Type Over-ear

A perfectly comfortable headset that you can easily plug directly into your Switch. I know some people prefer wireless headphones, but for times when I’m sitting down, curled up with the Switch, quickly sticking this into the earphone jack is the most convenient thing.

It comes with a detachable microphone, which is handy to have if you need it. Keep in mind that the Switch doesn’t have native microphone support, but you can certainly still use it with the Nintendo Switch Online app (if you have a phone with an audio jack) or other third-party platforms. I found the microphone to be too long (it sticks into my neck), but I never really use it, so it doesn’t matter.

What does matter is that this headset doesn’t become uncomfortable, or make your ears too hot, even after a few hours, and everything sounds great through it. There’s even a handy little volume slider on the left earcup. Though there are definitely better headsets out there, this is the one I personally use.

Best Nintendo Switch headset: HyperX Cloud II.

3. HyperX Cloud II

The best Switch headphones are the HyperX Cloud II.

HyperX Cloud II headphone specs:

Wired or Wireless? Wired
Microphone Yes
Drivers 53mm
Type over-the-ear


  • Noise-canceling headphones give full immersion
  • Durable aluminum frame
  • 7.1 virtual surround sound


  • May not be so good for docked play
  • Pricier than others
  • A bit on the large sound

HyperX are well known as a manufacturer of top-quality headphones, so you know you’re getting something good when you go for one of their models. The HyperX Cloud II was specifically designed with gaming in mind and comes with memory foam leatherette ear cushions in order to keep your ears as comfortable as possible during those extra-long gaming sessions (perhaps spent trying to hunt down that last Korok).

Though as comfortable as the ear cushions may be, it has to be said that the HyperX Cloud II is a little bit on the chunky (Kong) side. It’s a sturdy piece of work, with an aluminium frame that’s been built to last, but it has to be said that you’ll start to feel it on your head after you’ve been wearing it for a few hours. Plus, if you play your Switch docked a lot, as wired headphones, you might have some trouble, depending on how far from your TV your sofa is.

All in all though, if you want to curl up in your armchair and play your Switch in handheld mode, you’ll struggle to find a pair of headphones that will do the job as well as the HyperX Cloud II. These are noise-canceling headphones with 7.1 virtual surround sound, and when you’re in the zone, they’ll help you feel like you’re really out there in the worlds of your favorite games.

Best Nintendo Switch headset: HP Gaming Headset.

4. HP Gaming Headset

The cheapest headphones for Switch are the HP Gaming Headset.

HP Gaming Headset specs:

Wired or Wireless? Wired
Microphone Yes
Drivers 50mm
Type over-the-ear


  • Affordable pricing
  • LED lighting options
  • Microphone for additional use


  • Not so good at surround sound
  • Another big one
  • Awkward for docked play

Like HyperX, HP is another big name in the headphone world, or indeed, in the electronics world at large. Unlike HyperX, however, you can grab one of its headsets for a much more affordable price. Another set designed specifically for gamers, this will be a great choice for anybody who doesn’t want to fork out the huge amounts that some headphones will set you back.

The model comes along with a built-in microphone and LED lighting options (that’ll make it look pretty darn swish as you use it). Annoyingly, you can’t use the microphone on Nintendo Switch, and the lighting is mainly for PC use, so you might be unable to take advantage of these features. Still, it’s a cheaper option, and it’ll let you hear your Switch games just fine, so don’t be put off by things you may not use.

Just like the HyperX model above, these are wired headphones. On the one hand, this means that you don’t run the risk of having a tense, atmospheric gaming session interrupted by your headphones telling you that they’re about to run out of power, but on the other hand, it may make them awkward to use for docked play. If you preferred handheld play and don’t want to have to spend a huge amount of cash, these are the ones to go for.

Best Nintendo Switch headsets: Pikachu OLT earphones.

5. OTL Pikachu Earphones

The best Pokémon earphones are the OTL Pikachu earphones.

OTL Pikachu earphones specs:

Wired or Wireless? Wireless (Bluetooth)
Microphone No
Battery life 6 hours
Type in-ear


  • Vibrant Pokémon design
  • Bluetooth connection with auto pairing
  • Cute charging case


  • Sound quality may be lower than headphones
  • Charging equipment not included
  • Bluetooth can drop

If you’ve got a Nintendo Switch, there’s a fairly reasonable chance that you’re a fan of Pokémon (and if not, you can get these exact same earphones with a Super Mario and Legend of Zelda aesthetic too). Earphones needn’t be a bland bit of hardware, they can be a colorful expression of your passions, and these OTL Pikachu earphones do that nicely.

Their charging case is just as cool as the earbuds themselves, featuring a picture of Pikachu on a yellow background along with the words “Pika! Gotta catch ‘em all”. It’s a delightful bit of gear that will not only help to enhance your gaming experience but might be a treasured part of your Nintendo collection at large as well.

As these connect via Bluetooth, you can easily have them on when you’re playing on the television without any trouble (unlike wired headphones). Annoyingly though, as they are wireless, you’ll have to keep them charged up, which is fine if you’ve got a spare USB charger laying around somewhere, but if not, that is going to add to your expenses somewhat.

Best Nintendo Switch headsets: Skullcandy Dime Earbuds.

6. Skullcandy Dime Earbuds

The best Nintendo Switch earphones are Skullcandy Dime Earbuds.

Skullcandy Dime Earbuds specs:

Wired or Wireless? Wireless (Bluetooth)
Microphone Yes
Battery life 8.5 hours
Type in-ear


  • Reasonably priced
  • Available in different colors
  • Multiple earbuds included


  • Charging equipment not included
  • Outperformed by fancy headphones
  • Bluetooth can drop

Maybe you want some Bluetooth earbuds to use with your Switch, but you don’t fancy going for a pair with colorful Nintendo characters on them. Maybe you’re tired of your boss saying “Azariah, take those Pokémon earbuds out, you’re an undertaker, it isn’t appropriate!” Whatever the reason, we understand that some people will just want subtle, sleek earbuds, like Skullcandy Dimes.

As much as they don’t feature Nintendo characters, they do still come in a variety of different colors, giving you an opportunity to find some earbuds that will most appropriately pair with your personal aesthetic. They’re pretty affordable too, so don’t worry, you’ll still have a bit of cash left over to put toward new Switch games.

As another pair of Bluetooth earbuds, it has all the strengths and weaknesses inherent to its kind. While they won’t give you quite the same sound quality as a top-notch headset, they will be much easier to use while your Switch is docked, and you don’t need to worry about wires getting tangled, or worn down over time.

How we chose the best Nintendo Switch Headset

When choosing the right headset, headphones, or earphones for your Nintendo Switch, there are several things that you should keep in mind. These were the criteria we used when narrowing down the options for this list:

  • Reliability: it has to be said, there are a lot of scummy headphone businesses out there selling cheap bits of rubbish that offer poor sound quality and will break within a few months (no disrespect to the owners of scummy headphone businesses), so we kept it to the well-respected brands
  • Pricing: if you go for a really fancy headset, you’ll probably end up paying more for it than you did for the Switch itself. Though we included a couple of somewhat premium options, we generally only really considered those that were reasonably priced
  • Wired vs Wireless: both have their benefits and when you’re using them with a Nintendo Switch in docked mode, you’re probably going to want one with a Bluetooth connection so that you can easily use it even when it’s on television – but if you’re an exclusively handheld player, wired might be the way to go, so we wanted to include options for both
  • Design: for something that you wear on your head and in your ears, you’ll want to be sure that it has been designed to provide comfort and support. We didn’t want to recommend anything that’ll make your neck or ears ache
  • Aesthetics: we know that for a lot of gamers, it’s important to find headphones that match their aesthetic or will look good in their gaming space. That’s why we picked out a selection of pretty options, too.

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