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The best wireless chargers 2024

If you need a hand selecting a new wireless charger, look no further than our best of list for iPhone and Android devices no matter your requirements.

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In this day and age, fiddling around with plugs, slots, and sockets is a thing of the past. Our guide to the best wireless chargers out there can ensure you never have to worry about jamming a cable into a phone in the dark ever again. We looked at the compatibility, size, capacity, and brands of each charger to ensure our list has the top picks for you.

Whether you use one of the best Samsung phones out there or a budget gaming phone, these chargers from the likes of Apple, Google, Anker, and more can provide you with a charging port right at your desk.

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Google Pixel Stand wireless charger

The best Google wireless charger

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Google Pixel Stand wireless charger specifications:
Compatibility Pixel 6 upwards, Pixel Buds, and certain Qi-certified devices
Reasons to buy
  • Upright stand
  • Built-in fan
  • Comes with adapter
Reasons to avoid
  • Only compatible with Google Pixel 6 upwards
  • Pricey

Google’s Pixel stand comes in a fresh white color, features a USB-C connection, and has a built-in fan to keep your device cool as it charges – not that you’d know it, because it’s almost silent.

The stand consists of 39% recycled materials, which is nice, and it stands at 4.4 inches tall and 2.8 inches wide – so not too obstructive for your desk. We’d even go so far as to say that it’s the least intrusive charger on this list.

The Google Pixel stand’s biggest drawback is that it only works super fast with newer Pixel models – from 2021 upwards, basically. It charges at 15w for other devices but an impressive 23w for Pixel 6 and newer devices. You can use it with any Qi-compatible device, though.

Samsung Wireless Trio charger

The best Samsung wireless charger

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Samsung Wireless Trio charger specifications:
Compatibility Samsung phones, watch, and earbuds
Reasons to buy
  • Large enough for multiple devices
  • LED indicators
Reasons to avoid
  • Average charge speed

Most of us have multiple devices that we need to charge all the time – the best option for this scenario is Samsung’s Wireless Trio charger, which can easily fit three devices at once. You can find it for around $50 (£30), which is a great price for something as functional as this. This charger is big, obviously, so may not be the best portable item if that’s what you’re looking for.

The charging speed of Samsung’s trio charger isn’t amazingly fast – coming in at 9w – even for their own flagship devices. It works with all Qi-compatible devices, but its key point is that it charges multiple items at once, which is ultimately why it charges devices a bit slower than other options on the market.

If you have a smartwatch, it may also pose some issues too in that you may need to remove the straps to get it to connect and charge.

Apple MagSafe charger

The best Apple wireless charger

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Apple MagSafe charger specifications:
Compatibility iPhone 12 upwards
Reasons to buy
  • Magnetic connection
  • Aligns automatically
  • Can use it with mounts
Reasons to avoid
  • Doesn’t include an adapter
  • Slower charge than a lightning cable

Apple makes most of its products match each other, which is quite nice if you’re looking for an aesthetically pleasing setup. The MagSafe charger fits this perfectly with its sleek, white design.

The MagSafe charger has a magnetic attachment, as the name suggests, and works with iPhone 12 and later models. The charger snaps into place and connects quickly, though it can fall off when using the phone, so don’t make it do strenuous activity if you want a complete charge.

At 15w the charger takes about an hour to charge a phone to 50%, which isn’t the quickest and is slower than Apple’s lightning cable. Note that this doesn’t come with an adapter, and Apple recommends you purchase their 20w USB-C adapter – sold separately. The cable supplied with the charger is also quite short at only one meter long. But, if you’re dedicated to the Apple cause, this charger is for you.

Anker wireless charger

The best budget wireless charger

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Anker wireless charger specifications:
Compatibility Certain Samsung, iPhone, LG, Sony, and Pixel phones
Reasons to buy
  • Reliably charges through phone cases
  • 4ft cable
Reasons to avoid
  • Not compatible with MagSafe charging

For those of us on a budget, the Anker wireless charger is a great option. Note that it doesn’t come with an AC adapter, so you will need one of your own, but you can use it with a PC or any other USB adapter.

The pad has up to 10w output, which puts it in a good competitive place compared to brands like Apple and Samsung. It charges iPhones slightly less, at 7.5w. This slower charging does mean that devices don’t tend to overheat on this pad, though.

This particular charger is very light, which means it’s an excellent choice for anyone planning on travelling or commuting.

Belkin BoostCharge wireless charging stand

The best upright stand wireless charger

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Belkin BoostCharge wireless charging stand specifications:
Compatibility Certain Pixel, Samsung, iPhone, and Qi-certified devices
Reasons to buy
  • Can use phone upright while charging
  • Includes adapter
  • Long cable
Reasons to avoid
  • Can’t charge through a lot of cases
  • Fiddly to get your phone into the right position

We like this option for mobile gaming, as you can have your phone upright, or stood in a horizontal position while charging. Plus, Belkin’s stand has a four-foot cable with it. Just think, you can leave idle games on for as long as you like and reap all the rewards with a charger like this.

Charging all Qi-compatible devices at 10w means the Belkin is a competitive option for its price point, especially with its Quick Charge 3.0 charger which means you’ll get about 80% charge in 30 minutes.

The only drawbacks are this charger won’t work through thicker phone cases and smaller handsets may be tricky to line up properly in the right position to charge.

Xiaomi Mi wireless charging stand

The best Xiaomi wireless charger

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Xiaomi Mi wireless charging stand specifications:
Compatibility Certain Xiaomi phones
Reasons to buy
  • Affordable
  • Super fast charging with Xiaomi devices
Reasons to avoid
  • Doesn’t come with a cable

Another sleek and affordable upright charger is the Xiaomi Mi wireless charging stand. Offering temperature and short-circuit protection, this stand is a perfect addition to any desk. And that slick black finish ensures it basically blends into the rest of your set-up, instead of being an eye sore.

If you have a Xiaomi cable knocking around, you can get Turbo Charge which is extra fast, otherwise, it has normal charging speeds for most devices. Essentially, we recommend this as the charger for you if you have a Xiaomi phone.

The Xiaomi Mi is Qi compatible, uses a USB-C connection, and stands at a nifty 10 by 10 cm, so won’t take up too much space. It doesn’t have any glaring LED lights either.

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Wireless Charge Pad

The best Star Wars wireless charger

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Star Wars Millennium Falcon Wireless Charge Pad specifications:
Compatibility Certain Samsung and iPhone devices
Reasons to buy
  • Very cool design
  • Lightweight
Reasons to avoid
  • A little pricey

This wireless charger is for those of you out there who want something a little more funky on your desk or at your bedside. For those of you who don’t recognize it, it’s a Star Wars Millennium Falcon-shaped charger that’s surprisingly lightweight and features some fancy LED lights on its rear.

It comes with a USB-C cable and a plug, so you don’t need to sift through your spare parts drawer to get this bad boy working. It’s a little smaller than we’d like, coming in at 7” x 5” x 1”, but that just means it fits snuggly on even the messiest of desks.

Etsy Zelda wireless charging pad

The coolest wireless charger for gamers

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Etsy Zelda wireless charging pad specifications:
Compatibility Most Qi-standard devices
Reasons to buy
  • Very cool design
  • Zelda sound effects
Reasons to avoid
  • Pricey
  • Quite big

This Zelda wireless charging pad is one of our favorite chargers on this list. Just look at it – it’s a functional Sheikah Slate! Well, the closest we’ll ever get given that magnesis doesn’t exist.

The pad has blue and orange LED lights that fade in and out and it even plays the Sheikah rune distilling sound when your phone is detected. Sorry, magical rune abilities are not included.

It has micro and type-C USB ports so you can use whichever cable you already own, and it’s compatible with most Qi-standard devices. The only potential downside we can see is the price compared to some of the other chargers on our list.

How we choose the best wireless chargers

When picking out which chargers to include in our list, we take a few different things into account. First, and most importantly, we check which brands each charger works with. If one charger can work with multiple, then that’s excellent – if it has restrictions, then it is obviously less recommended. Unless you’re a die-hard Apple user, of course.

We look at how long it takes to charge a device fully, and whether the wireless charger can get something to 100% something in under half an hour, or if it’s slow to get you the juice you need. This also includes the wattage of the charger, as different devices require different power levels.

The price point of each wireless charger comes into play – as does design – as not everyone wants a $100 charger with all the bells and whistles, and some others don’t want a plain black brick sitting on their desk. For a deeper look at what we do with our tech, here’s our how we test page laying it all out.

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