Black Friday micro SD card deals on Switch, Samsung, SanDisk

Here are the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday micro SD card deals you can find - for the best prices

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday are ripe with deals, and now that nearly all of your mobile devices take a Micro SD card, these deals are the best way to get one cheap in November. Now, the best Micro SD card for Switch is a hotly debated topic, but we’ve rounded up all the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for you to take a look at.

Of course, these cards come in a variety of sizes from different brands, but the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday micro SD card deals cover the whole range. Whether you’re running out of space because you’ve bought too many apps, taken too many photos, or downloaded too much music, a micro SD card is the best way to expand your phone’s memory. Don’t forget, if you’re upgrading to a new handset, check out the best prices on our Black Friday and Cyber Monday gaming phone deals page. You’ll also need a micro SD card if you’re eyeing up some Black Friday and Cyber Monday tablets deals – they’re pretty ubiquitous these days.

Put simply, Black Friday 2022 on November 25 is the perfect day to buy, as expandable memory can get a little pricey – especially when you’re looking at bigger cards to store more data. Bigger cards generally come with faster write speeds, too – which means you’ll be able to access your data quicker. On the Switch, this means faster load times, and on mobile, you’ll be able to get into your storage much faster.

The best Cyber Monday Micro SD card deals

Cyber Monday is finally upon us, and as well as grabbing great gadgets at a lovely little price, this is a fantastic time to get the accessories you need for those gadgets. So, let us save you the trouble, and browse through our guide to the best Cyber Monday micro SD card deals.

SAMSUNG EVO Select Plus Micro SD Memory Card and Adapter, 256GBGet it here!

Samsung EVO 256GB micro SD – 38% off

Back by a 10-year limited warranty, the Samsung EVO select not only offers all the space you need, but is also water, temperature, x-ray, and pretty much life-proof, so your media is in safe hands. It also comes complete with a microSD adapter, making it flexible for all your needs – and for up to 38% off, it’s a great deal.


A SanDisk microSD card in front of a SwitchBuy it here

sanDisk 128GB Apex Legends microSDXC card

If you’re lookinng to boost the storage on your Nintendo Switch, you need look no further than the SanDisk 128GB Apex Legends microSDXC card. It’s designed for the connsole, and features a read speed that can reach up to 100MB/s. Right now, this small bit of kit can be bought for up to 23% off.

A 64GB microsd cardBuy now!

Sandisk 64GB MicroSD (Legend Of Zelda Edition) – 70% OFF

One of the cheapest options is also one of the nicest, as this lovely official Nintendo microSD card is perfect for the younger gamer.

a 128GB micro sd cardBuy now!

Samsung Pro Endurance microSD 128GB – 36% Off

If you’ve only just got a Switch and only need a touch more space, this could be the perfect match for you.

When is Black Friday 2022?

You can often find massive deals on tech and hardware items through the whole of November, with the biggest discounts arriving over Black Friday weekend. In 2022, Black Friday begins on November 25.

How do I find the best Black Friday deals?

We recommend you bookmark our Black Friday and Cyber Monday page to find deals on mobile gaming controllers, gaming phones, earbuds, and much more. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date.

You can also check out the deals on PCGamesN and The Loadout to find even more bargains.

Best Cyber Monday micro SD card deals 2021

If you didn’t find anything you like above, feel free to browse some of the great deals on micro SD cards below.

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And that’s it for our Black Friday and Cyber Monday Android and micro SD card deal list. But don’t worry, we’ll update this as we spot more bargains.