Black Friday phone deals on OnePlus, Samsung, Pixel and more

We'll be tracking down all of the best Black Friday phone deals this year, encompassing OnePlus, Samsung, Asus, and more, all in one place

Five different coloured Samsung phones

Anyone who wants to make sure they don’t miss out on the best Black Friday phone deals this year should bookmark this page. We’ll be bringing the best deals from across the internet together in one place, making it a lot easier to get a bird’s eye view of the deals landscape throughout Black Friday week.

Black Friday creates an ideal opportunity for anybody looking to upgrade or replace their old can on the end of a string for one of the fanciest bits of tech on the market. As all the major brands tend to take part in the saving shenanigans, whatever brand you prefer, be it OnePlus, Asus, or Samsung, you should be able to find something that’s right up your street.

Upgrading your phone is an expensive task that nobody enjoys, which is why Black Friday is such a good time to get a new one. By spending less on the phone itself, you can spend more money on things like the best mobile games or fancy accessories.

Google Pixel Black Friday deals

There are a bunch of deals on Google Pixel phones this weekend (not available in the UK, sadly, as all the deals are from Best Buy). The best of the best, the Google Pixel 7 Pro is at $749 down from $899, while its little brother, the Google Pixel 7 $499, down from $599.

You can also get a super deal on the Google Pixel 6a, which is down to only $299. For a phone that’s usually $449 and has only been on the market a few months, this is an excellent discount. Again, this is only available from Best Buy, so not available to everybody.

Samsung Galaxy S21

The Samsung Galaxy S21 is currently available at $399.99 USD (over $250 off) from Amazon. (Unfortunately, no equivalent deal is available in the UK.)

This Android smartphone comes with 128 GB, which should leave you with plenty of space to download a vast library of games. Meanwhile, this is a 5G phone, so even if you prefer your online games, you shouldn’t have any trouble playing when you’re out and about.

Another appealing factor for gamers is its intelligent battery, which uses adapts power consumption so that it isn’t wasted on irrelevant background tasks. This will leave you with plenty of power to game with – and those games will look fantastic too, thanks to the dynamic AMOLED 2X screen that delivers vibrant colours even when playing in bright sunlight.

OnePlus Nord N200

The OnePlus Nord N200 is currently available at $169.99 USD ($70 off) from Amazon. (Unfortunately, no equivalent deal is available in the UK.)

The OnePlus Nord N200 is already one of the more affordable gaming mobiles, and it is even moreso with this Black Friday deal applied to it. It has 64GB of memory capacity, so you should be able to download a good number of your favourite mobile games. They’ll look great, too, because of the 90hz Smooth Display, which allows you to truly appreciate its full HD+ picture quality.

Meanwhile, its large 500mAh battery has been designed to get you through the day, even if you enjoy powerful games that would normally gobble up power like a hungry pig at an all-you-can-eat slop buffet. So this is definitely one to consider if you need a cheaper gaming mobile.

More Black Friday gaming mobile deals

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When is Black Friday 2022?

This year, Black Friday will be on November 25, with Cyber Monday taking place just a couple of days later on November 28. Of course, the deals have already begun, so we’ll be updating this page with new deals until its all over.

How to find the best Black Friday deals

While you could spend your Black Friday checking the sale pages on dozens of online stores, you could also just check in on us, because we’ll have everything in one place. If there are more specific deals you’re after, we also have guides to help you find: