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Black Friday tablets deals on Amazon Fire, Samsung Galaxy, Microsoft Surface and more

Get the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on tablets from Amazon, Samsung, Microsoft, and more

If you’ve been wanting a tablet for some time now, Cyber Monday presents the perfect opportunity. It’s the best time of the year to bag yourself an excellent deal on a wide variety of gaming-related goodies, many of which we’ve rounded up in our Cyber Monday deals guide. This year is no different, with a bunch of Cyber Monday tablet deals going round.

Those of you that are serious about mobile gaming should definitely consider a tablet – particularly one geared towards gaming. Not only will you get a bigger screen to play with, which allows games with the best graphics to really shine, they also typically house more powerful hardware and a bigger battery to boot. This lets you play better, for longer, and with more style to boot.

If you’re looking for more Cyber Monday goodies, we’ve rounded up deals on everything you could possibly want to make your mobile gaming better and more comfortable. Grab yourself a pair of headphonesphonemicro SD cardcontroller, or Switch by checking out our existing content.

Cyber Monday tablets deals

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Amazon Fire tablets deals

Just want something cheap and cheerful that you can use to watch your favourite shows and play a few basic games? The Amazon Fire tablets are an excellent choice.

While you’re missing out on the App Store and Google Play, and the HD screens are a bit old school, you can’t balk at these prices. It’s the perfect entry point for tablets, and there are some great deals for Cyber Monday.

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Samsung tablets deals

Only interested in the best that Android has to offer? Go with Samsung. There’s simply no competition in the Android tablets, and there’s even an option to suit any budget.

The Galaxy Tab S7+ is the current cream of the crop, and is on offer this Cyber Monday. If you’re looking to save but still get a lot of bang for your buck, the S6 or S6 Lite are excellent runners up.

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Microsoft Surface tablets deals

More in the market for a tablet that can turn into a PC? The Microsoft Surface line-up is the way to go.

They’ve got full-fat Windows installed, and can swap between workstation and media consumption device on the fly.