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Black Skylands brings top-down steampunk adventure to Nintendo Switch

Black Skylands’ Nintendo Switch launch comes alongside a wide release on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation, bringing this airborne adventure to the palm of your hands.

Black Skylands Nintendo Switch header showing a blonde woman with long hair slightlytied up by a pair of goggles on her forehead, a blue top, riding a pirate ship flying through a wide blue sky.

Black Skylands, a pixel-art top-down adventure game, is out now on Nintendo Switch. Developed by Hungry Couch and published by tinyBuild, you help the young pilot Eva navigate the wide sky full of threats, though we couldn’t exactly call it a plane game. Black Skylands’ Nintendo Switch launch comes alongside a wide release on all other platforms.

With open-world exploration and twin-stick shooter action, it’s a neat mix, bringing arcade stylings into the world of adventure games. It’s been in early access, too, with four updates added during that time, which is meant to have “enriched its storyline and elevated the player’s experience.”

Eva has a buddy for her journey, the moth Luma, and their travels take them through “farms, deserts, and infected lands as they strive to protect the floating islands.” You fight in the skies, down on the ground, and get various technology to upgrade your equipment and ship.

You can check out the trailer below to see if it’s something you fancy jumping into.

YouTube Thumbnail

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