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The Bug and Seek Kickstarter has us buzzing with excitement

Hop onto the Bug and Seek Kickstarter for a new insect-themed adventure planned for Nintendo Switch next year which we’re sure will bee a hit.

Bug & Seek Kickstarter: a character catching bugs in an autumnal forest

It’s time to dive back into entomology, like the good old Animal Crossing New Horizons days – the Bug and Seek Kickstarter is well underway and aims to bring the beetle-filled adventure to Switch. I’m very excited about this wildlife game as I love learning about a new bug or creepy crawly now and again.

Bug and Seek takes place in Buggburg, the aptly named home of all things flying, buzzing, and generally insecty. As the seasons pass, you can find different types of bugs to register in your Insectarium that level up your skills, too.

You make money by selling some of the bugs, as orders come through from people who require a little critter for… something. There are plenty of side quests to get through as well. Locals are available to chat with and may uncover some secrets about the town’s past and the Great Bug Heist mystery.

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For now, a Switch release isn’t technically 100% confirmed, but we have no doubt that the Kickstarter will make sure it gets there, as a release is on the cards and named in the reward tiers. There’s even a stretch goal of DLC adding even more buggos, too. Porting to Switch is set to complete in March 2024.

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