Cinderella trades her slipper for a gun in CoD: Mobile Soldier’s Tale

Call of Duty: Mobile Soldier’s Tale shows your favorite fairytale characters in a whole new light, those evil step sisters better run.

Call of Duty: Mobile Soldier's Tale characters in front of the Atrium map

A new year means a new host of seasons in Activision’s mobile shooter, and Call of Duty: Mobile Soldier’s Tale, also known as season one, looks to kick things off in style as you get to look at your favorite fairytale legends in a whole new light. Instead of ‘What big teeth you have’ you might find yourself saying ‘What big guns you have.’ We also get to see what happens when our dear Cinderelly stands up for herself. We’re sure that not even Hans Christian Anderson expected this.

If you don’t play CoD: Mobile, this is the perfect time to check out our Call of Duty: Mobile download guide, as Soldier’s Tale looks to be one of the most exciting seasons the mobile shooter has had for a while. Don’t get me wrong, running around in masquerade during season ten was fun and all (I felt like I was haunting my own opera house), but there’s something extra special about characters from folklore.

Thanks to the battle pass, you can nab a number of fairytale-themed skins for your operators and weapons. Such skins include a Mad Hatter overhaul for Cipher, a Heartless Queen look for Artery, and a Big Bad Wolf aesthetic for Templar. To match these outfits, you can grab various weapons, including the Red Queen’s Rebuke (an LW3-Tundra sniper rifle), so you know these folktale characters mean serious business.

You can dive headfirst into Atrium, the new multiplayer map, to see what devastation these beloved heroes and villains can cause. If you recognize the name, that’s because Atrium is a map from 2019’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and it’s a location that forces you to be on your guard with its tight hallways and environment.

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When does CoD: Mobile Soldier’s Tale begin?

The season kicks off on January 10 and offers you a range of seasonal events and challenges, the main one being the 1001 Blades event. This allows you to earn steel and bronze daggers when you complete missions, and the more you get, the closer you come to unlocking the FFAR 1 Mad Hatter’s Revenge assault rifle.

Naturally, the in-game store is full of fairytale-inspired goodies for you to grab, so we suggest you check out our Call of Duty: Mobile codes guide to get all the in-game currency you need to get Big Bad Wolf, Little Red Riding Hood, and Cinderella skins. Oh, and this new season also introduces the new official Call of Duty: Mobile web store, where you can get exclusive discounts on the in-game store offerings.

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