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Call of Duty: Mobile goes vintage in season three

Call of Duty: Mobile season three, Vintage Vigilance, looks to introduce a new skill, map, and a whole host of useful freebies.

Call of Duty: Mobile Vintage Vigilance key art showing an operator in cow girl gear

It’s always exciting when a new season kicks off in Activision’s mobile shooter, and Call of Duty: Mobile’s Vintage Vigilance looks to live up to previous seasons, introducing a new battle pass full of goodies. Beyond the items on offer, you can also look forward to a range of events, a new operator skill to unlock, and more when the season kicks off on March 13.

Like most FPS games and mobile shooters worth their salt, you need to put in a bit of work if you want to get the new operator skill. That skill, incidentally, is havoc, a good ability that can jam your enemy’s radar. To get your hands on it, you need to work through the free battle pass and be willing to fight and claw your way through it for the prize.

Luckily, there are plenty of other goodies up for grabs that you can get along the way, including an array of blueprints, weapons, and skins. Should you go for the premium battle pass, you also open yourself up to rewards such as gangster-themed operator skins – that’s pretty vintage.

Beyond the goodies and rewards, we know what you’re asking: what map is coming to the game? Well, in Vintage Vigilance, Cheshire Park makes its debut. For those unfamiliar with the area, it’s from 2019’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and offers a huge area in the center to duke it out with your enemies, as well as side streets for those who want to sneak up on the opposition.

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Events-wise, the Contraband Chase asks you to deliver cargo, which in turn gives you points that you can trade for various rewards. The Spring Easter Hunt, meanwhile, gets you to track down Easter eggs in exchange for points, and when you have enough, you can get the coveted curious kitten weapon blueprint.

Safe to say that you’re in for plenty of goodies in Call of Duty: Mobile Vintage Vigilance, but if you want even more, check out our Call of Duty: Mobile codes guide.