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Candy Crush and Sonic come together for a sweet collaboration

The Candy Crush Saga Sonic collaboration is full of sweet treats for you to enjoy ahead of the release of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 in theatres

A match three puzzle and Sonic running

It would appear as though Sonic the Hedgehog has a sweet tooth, as Sega’s blue mascot is speeding his way onto Candy Crush Saga. That’s right, to celebrate the release of Sonic the Hedgehog 2, an in-game event is being held in King’s match-three puzzler. And yes, Miles Prower, also known as Tails, is in on the fun.

The Candy Crush Saga Sonic collaboration is just days away, and it sees Sonic and Tails team up with Tiffi and Yeti, as they seek to return the stolen master emerald. As such, you can expect to solve many puzzles with the heroic duo, and you can also expect Dr Robotnik, Knuckles, and the Jelly Queen not to be too happy about this.

Throughout your journey, you get to explore the entirety of the Candy Kingdom with the iconic video game characters. Of course, moving as fast as Sonic does take energy, but luckily, that’s where the sonic spin dash candies come in. These sweet treats not only fuel the speedster, but also unlock some great in-game goodies.

“Sonic is a beloved character worldwide and one that fits seamlessly within the narrative of our game,” Activision Blizzard King VP of mobile partnerships Jennifer Sharp says. “We expect the Sonic and Candy Crush audiences will be drawn to the exciting new world we have created together. It’s important for us to continue to innovate and bring fresh, new experiences to Candy Crush players, and Paramount was a great partner in this process.”

Candy Crush Saga Sonic key art

When does the Candy Crush Saga Sonic collaboration begin?

The event begins on March 31, and runs until April 4 – Sonic the Hedgehog 2 speeds into cinemas on April 8.

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