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The best games like Skyrim in 2024

Here are some of the best games like Skyrim on Switch and mobile if you’re after an alternative - even though it’s massive, you can’t just play Skyrim forever.

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What do you do if you have that Skyrim itch but want something different? Well, you play any of the games on our list of the best games like Skyrim. All these titles have vast worlds to explore and RPG mechanics that we’re sure will sate that hunger.

Anyway, you can find all those games below. For something a little different, check out our best games like Dark Souls list if you’re a glutton for punishment, our best Resident Evil games if you’re a glutton for fear, or our best Mario games if you’re a glutton for Italians.

Here are the best games like Skyrim on Switch and mobile.

Genshin Impact – mobile

Developer Hoyoverse made a real splash when they announced Genshin Impact. A massive, gorgeous world that looks like Breath of the Wild but is also a live-service game? A lot of people saw that and said ‘sign me up’. And for good reason too.

Genshin has great RPG mechanics, a lovely action combat system, loads of interesting characters, and it’s free to play. Who wouldn’t give it a try? If you’re interested, take a look at our Genshin Impact tier list to learn about the best characters and our Genshin Impact code list for some freebies.

The Pathless – Switch and mobile

If your favorite thing about Skyrim is the ability to explore the world freely, discovering secret areas and items as you do, then you’re going to love The Pathless. It’s not often that you get a fantastic open-world game like this on mobile, but The Pathless proves that it can be done and that it can be done well.

The game sees you almost gliding around its beautiful world at high speeds, allowing you to go wherever you want. You don’t have a map, which makes it much more truly ‘pathless’ and you don’t even know the protagonist’s name – all you know is that they’re a hunter, and they have an eagle that helps them glide across different areas. Exploring the huge forest of the game’s setting is a truly delightful experience. Check out our The Pathless Switch review to hear how the console port performs.

Art from a game like Skyrim, showing a man looking over a wide scene full of fantastical plants, with massive planets in the skyline.

The Outer Worlds – Switch

Kinda like a distant cousin to Skyrim, The Outer Worlds is an open-world RPG set in a humorous future full of deep, interesting characters and entertaining storylines. The developer Obsidian also developed Fallout: New Vegas and The Outer Worlds shares a lot of DNA with Bethesda games in general.

Do you wanna know a secret? The Outer Worlds is the best Fallout game there is. And you know what’s like Fallout but with dragons? Skyrim.

Art from a game like Skyrim.

Dark Souls – Switch

This 2011 masterpiece isn’t that much like anything else, really. Dark Souls has some Dragon’s Dogma vibes and some Monster Hunter vibes, but playing it is a new experience altogether. It came out in the same year as Skyrim and still managed to be the best game with dragons that came out that year. That’s pretty impressive.

If you’re already familiar with how brilliant Dark Souls is, you should probably check out our list of games like Dark Souls to find your next favorite dragon-based game.

Art from a game like Skyrim, showing a person standing in silhouette facing a large arena.

The Elder Scrolls: Blades – Switch and mobile

If the world of Skyrim is what kept you coming back, then why not head back to the same series? The Elder Scrolls: Blades is a first-person mobile title full of classic Skyrim trappings. It’s not as big, or as open, or as entertaining as Skyrim, but it sure is similar.

Some say that limitations breed creativity, so maybe the smaller scale of The Elder Scrolls: Blades will invigorate your love for Skyrim and Bethesda’s other Elder Scrolls entries. You won’t know until you try!

Art from a game like Skyrim.

Diablo 3 – Switch

Blizzard’s Diablo 3 has always been a little contentious (if you’d rather, there’s always Diablo 2 Resurrected), but it’s the perfect food for any dungeon-head. If the sight of Bleak Falls Barrow excites rather than scares you, Diablo is a good way to go.

Even though it’s from an isometric perspective, it’s still one of the many games like Skyrim: from big dungeons and magic, to melee combat and loads of customization – any Skyrim fan should have a good time. Plus, there are even more games to explore in our games like Diablo guide.

Art from a game like Skyrim.

Black Desert Mobile – mobile

Black Desert Mobile can feel like a bit of a magic trick. Not only is it a genuinely huge open-world game with deep customization and combat, but it’s also an MMO.

That’d be impressive anywhere, but this is Black Desert Mobile – as in, it’s on ya phone. Absolutely wild. Few games can reach this level of openness on such a small device, but there are some banger mobile MMORPGs out there for you to explore.

Art from a game like Skyrim.

The Witcher 3 – Switch

The Witcher 3 is like a Zelda game with some Skyrim stuff in it. Except it’s better than any Elder Scrolls game, and it’s quite a bit better than a lot of Zelda games.

With a lengthy, excellently written story, some of the best side quests videogames have ever seen, and swords and magic and whatnot, this is a surefire hit for any Skyrim fan.

Art from a game like Skyrim.

Baldur’s Gate 2 – Switch and mobile

A remaster of the classic RPG released in 2000, if you like Dungeons & Dragons, Baldur’s Gate is for you. The series is the DnD videogame. And Baldur’s Gate 2 is available everywhere. Yep, that includes your little mobile phone thingies in your pocket. Isn’t that cool?

We’ve got no idea if there’ll ever be a Baldur’s Gate 3 Switch port, but in the meantime, you can check out our sister site’s guides to Baldur’s Gate 3 system requirements, Baldur’s Gate 3 camp, and Baldur’s Gate 3 feats.

Art from a game like Skyrim.

Divinity Original Sin 2 – Switch and mobile

An endless sandbox of possibilities, Divinity Original Sin is an RPG series developed by Larian Studios, who also developed the wildly popular Baldur’s Gate 3.

They created one of the most engaging worlds available on portable platforms with Divinity, giving players so much customization and combat possibilities that it feels like a magic trick. And it’s on iPad if you don’t have a Switch, which is pretty useful.

Art from a game like Skyrim.

Xenoblade Chronicles – Switch

If all you truly loved about Skyrim was the massive world, then Xenoblade will take your breath away. It’s a massive JRPG series full of giant beasts and wild, endless skylines. It’s still a JRPG, however, so has a tricksy and unique battle system.

But, there are multiple massive games to play in the series, so if you’re looking for sheer volume, this is the way to go. The newest game is on the Switch now too, so check out our Xenoblade Chronicles 3 review for our thoughts.

Art from a game like Skyrim.

Dragon’s Dogma – Switch

In Dragon’s Dogma, you’re the Arisen, and you go around a cool world and do some quests. Sounds like an RPG right? Well, not only is the ending so wackadoo crazy that I couldn’t even begin to spoil it if I wanted to, but the game is also much, much better than anyone ever gave it credit for.

With a frantic combat system that involves climbing on enemies in real-time and stabbing them lots (it’s worth playing just for that), Dragon’s Dogma is a truly unique RPG that needs to be given the plaudits it’s always deserved.

Art from a game like Skyrim.

Monster Hunter Rise – Switch

If you like the giants and dragons in Skyrim but think “I wish they were bigger and also that it was sadder when they died”, then Monster Hunter Rise is for you.

It’s the latest installment of the series where you go out and do quests slaying monsters and then come back and wear their skin while a cat serves you some rice flour dumplings. If that sentence doesn’t get you interested I don’t know what will.

Art from a game like Skyrim.

Breath of the Wild – Switch

The Legend of Zelda, as a series, isn’t really much like Skyrim. Skyrim is kinda like it, but not the other way around. Or at least that was true until Breath of the Wild came out. This much-ballyhooed open-world Zelda reinvented the series by taking a load of good ideas from Skyrim and Assassin’s Creed.

It also had a load of good ideas all of its own, too, which helped fix many of the problems in those games. If you own a Switch and haven’t played it, what the heck are ya doing?

Art from a game like Skyrim.

Skyrim – Switch

Do you know what is literally exactly like Skyrim? Well, Skyrim. Nothing is more similar. I swear. So, just go play it again if you want to. I might do just that right now. It is a pretty good game after all.

Okay, that’s that. Lots of games like Skyrim. Hopefully, that helps. If not, I’m sorry. I tried. Maybe someone else can do a better job, so check out our best Switch games list to get some more portable goodness.