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The best Cartoon Network games for Switch and mobile

It's time for an adventure, so why not pick a new game from our list of the best Cartoon Network games for Nintendo Switch and mobile.

So, what are the best Cartoon Network games for Switch and mobile? Well, despite the outrageous fact that there isn’t a game based on Courage the Cowardly Dog, the many different franchises from CN have mustered up a wide range of genres over the years including a couple of great action games, some platformers, and plenty more.

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Here’s our guide to the best Cartoon Network games for Switch and mobile.

Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion – Nintendo Switch

In a very fitting match-up, Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion is an… Adventure game. When Finn and Jake wake up to find their world is completely flooded, they stumble across a nearby pirate ship and set off on a seafaring trip to save the world.

You find different islands to explore, enjoy some great vocal performances from the beloved characters and even a few fairly funny video game parodies. There’s a good 10-15 hours of adventuring to be had here, and while it’s not the deepest in terms of mechanics, it’s a breezy ride with a few funny friends that we heartily recommend.

best cartoon network games: samurai jack draws his sword

Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time – Nintendo Switch

An action platformer with tight controls and great combat, Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time sends the eponymous Jack back through time for one final mission. The evil wizard Aku isn’t done with Jack just yet, flinging him far into the past, and making Jack relive his most memorable battles all over again.

The game interweaves its great chunky 3D animation with clips from the show and is a lovely way for longtime fans to experience the best parts of the iconic franchise all over again. There are still a lot of fun twists waiting though, don’t worry!

cartoon network games Steven Universe Save the Light: a battle between cartoon characters on the street

Steven Universe: Save The Light – Nintendo Switch

Steven Universe always felt like a great pick for a video game, with the sugar-coated world often mixed with dark humor, all to further some preposterous stories. Steven Universe: Save The Light brings back all the characters you love (and their voice actors), and lets you go on an adventure to stop an invading gem, determined to take over Earth.

It’s great fun interacting with every character and even exploring the town. Even characters like Lion and Onion get something to do here, and this game is clearly made by people who really love the show. A light-hearted action game perfect for any Steven Universe fans you know.

best cartoon network games: Ben 10 transforms into a fire monster and attacks bad guys

Ben 10: Power Trip – Nintendo Switch

Another franchise absolutely ripe for a videogame, Ben 10 features a young lad who can transform into ten different alien creatures (though it’s way more than ten really, isn’t it) and must stop the evil Hex. Ben 10: Power Trip kicks off when Ben and his pals are off on a road trip across Europe, only for villains to be unleashed on the world.

An open-world action-adventure game, Power Trip features a large open map where you must utilize each alien’s abilities to solve the many problems littered across the world. Featuring some fun callbacks to the show and better dialogue than you might assume, we’d give this a Ben 7 out of 10.

best cartoon network games: severl characters from cartoon network beat up goons

Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers – Nintendo Switch

A sidescrolling beat-em-up inspired by the likes of Streets of Rage, Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers throws together characters from several different shows, such as Steven Universe, Adventure Time, Regular Show, and more.

Swap between the characters from these shows, beat the snot out of foes, and do your best to work through levels based on the many areas from every hit show. This one can be a little shallow, so is better for younger audiences, but there’s a lot of great stuff to be found.

best cartoon network games: Cartoon Network characters play a game of football

Toon Cup – mobile

If you’ve ever wanted to watch Mojo Jojo, Robin, Ben 10, and a sentient Apple all have a kickabout, well then your dream has come true. Toon Cup mashes together quite a few of the most iconic Cartoon Network franchises and creates a lively and colorful football game around them.

This is another one definitely aimed at kids, but the different attendees all bring some interesting flair to the main football mechanics, and the flashy animation only helps to bring things further to life. Download it now on the iOS app store, or the Google Play store.

That’s it for now, we hope you found something great to play. For even more glorious gaming goodness, be sure to hop on over to our guides to the very best Switch games for kids, games like Animal Crossing, and free Switch games next.