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Hello Kitty Island Adventure critter list locations

This Hello Kitty Island Adventure critter list guide lets you know exactly where to find those pesky hidden lists and how to get to them.

Hello Kitty Island Adventure critter list: A hexagonal sticker of Keroppi the frog in a white frame with a blue and white background, outlined in light green and pasted on a blurred background of the nature preserve from the game

Keroppi loves his critters, so of course one of the first things he does in Hello Kitty Island Adventure is open a nature preserve. But then he tasks you with finding all of the Hello Kitty Island Adventure critter lists and some are much harder to track down than you might think. Luckily for you, we’ve got a step-by-step guide on how to unlock every room in the nature preserve for your froggy friend!

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Where do I find the Hello Kitty Island Adventure critter lists?

Once you’ve helped Badtz-Maru and Keroppi to reopen the nature preserve, you need to find the critter lists for each biome to make a start on your collection. Keroppi tells you that the other lists are hidden somewhere in the nature preserve itself, which is a very helpful hint if you don’t want to spend hours wandering the island to find nothing.

To unlock the other critter lists you’ll need to go in this specific order:

Seaside critter list

The Seaside critter list is nestled in the roots of a tree at the very back left of the Spooky Swamp room. You’ll need to reach friendship level two with Keroppi and open the nature preserve before you can find it.

Hello Kitty Island Adventure critter list: A screenshot from HKIA showing a green and pink cat character at night in front of a large, cracked boulder. Text on the screen reads 'Find the Volcano Critter List'.

Reef critter list

The Reef critter list is floating on a crate on the left side of the Seaside Resort room. All you need to do is unlock the room and swim over to the crate to pick it up.

Gemstone critter list

The Gemstone critter list is on the bottom of the ocean in the Rainbow Reef room. Before you can dive down there and get it, you need to reach friendship level six with Kuromi, complete the ‘Deep Diving’ quest, and craft the snorkel.

Volcano critter list

The Volcano critter list is hidden behind a large, cracked boulder on the left side of the Gemstone room. Getting to this one takes some work. First, reach friendship level 11 with My Melody. From there you can complete the ‘Clearing The Oasis’ quest and obtain the pickaxe.

That’s how to find all the Hello Kitty Island Adventure critter lists! Why not check out our Hello Kitty Island Adventure review to see what we thought of the game? We’ve also got a guide to My Hello Kitty Cafe codes, another adorable Sanrio game.