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Chris Pratt’s Mario movie voice is actually spot on

A recent clip from The One Show on BBC shows Chris Pratt reenacting classic phrases perfectly, something not clear in recent Mario movie trailers.

Chris Pratt Mario movie voice - Chris Pratt, a white man with short neat hair and clean facial hair, a dark t-shirt and brown leather jacket on, in a shot from one of his movies.

Christ Pratt’s Mario movie voice has been up for debate ever since we heard that Illumination and Nintendo cast the Jurassic World star to play the iconic videogame star. Some people have said he’s not up to snuff, and from the little we’ve heard of his voice in trailers that’s fair enough.

However, a recent appearance on the BBC talk show The One Show could change some minds. When asked about classic Mario catchphrases, Pratt read classics from the character’s videogame history like “wahoo” and “it’s-a-me” excellently.

You can check out the clip below, but the main surprise is that this is the first we’ve heard of Pratt’s Mario voice, and it’s pretty excellent. Why didn’t Nintendo show more in the many Mario movie trailers we’ve seen so far? Strange.

Anyway, here’s the clip. You can hear Christ Pratt’s Mario movie voice from about three minutes in.

YouTube Thumbnail

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