Clash of Clans update – Lost & Crowned

Every recent Clash of Clans update in one handy guide

September 14, 2020: The Lost & Crowned animated short is available right now.

Supercell loves a Clash of Clans update; so much so that the build and battler gets a few new big changes and new features on a near-weekly basis. It’s actually quite tough to keep on top of, particularly if you don’t play Clash of Clans religiously every single day, so we thought we’d help you out by bringing you the latest Clash of Clan updates in one handy guide.

Our Clash of Clans update guide will list all of the recent changes in chronological order, and we’ll keep it nice and trim, limiting it to only the most recent changes, so it doesn’t become War and Peace. We’ll also write it in such a way that it doesn’t take more than a handful of minutes to get through, because we want you to get to the information you care about quickly.

So, without further ado, let’s take a good look at the most recent Clash of Clans update, and then the previous few updates beneath that. We will update this often, so we recommend bookmarking this and referring back to it regularly.

Here is the latest Clash of Clans update:

Clash of Clans animated short

Supercell has released its first ever animated short for Clash of Clans that goes by the title ‘Lost & Crowned’. You can watch it right now on Pocket Tactics.

September Season

Supercell has released September season, a month worth of challenges that you can complete for exclusive rewards. This time around, that includes the Pirate Queen Hero Skin and the Storied Statue from the Clash of Clans short movie.

Clashiversary: Eighth anniversary celebrations

Supercell is holding a big party in Clash of Clans right now, which celebrates the game’s eighth anniversary. The event, which goes by the name Clashiversary, is actually a series of smaller events.

Here’s what you can expect from this Clash of Clans update:

Party wizard event

The Party Wizard returns temporarily to celebrate Clashiversary in a new event that challenges you to win 20 multiplayer matches while using three Party Wizard troops.

In exchange, you’ll get 500 experience and 150 Gems.

Clan games

As part of the big Clashiversary celebrations that have going on throughout the month of August, Supercell has added an additional tier of rewards to this month’s Clan Games. It won’t last long though, so get involved right now.

Gem resource boost event

The Gem Resource Boost event allows you to purchase double production for your gold mines, elixir collectors, and dark elixir drills for 24 hours, for just a single gem each. That’s one heck of a bargain.

Clan War Leagues

Clan War Leagues is back, pitting your clan against seven others. If you think you’ve got what it takes, enter now.

Eighth anniversary cake

Of course, it wouldn’t be an anniversary celebration without cake, and the eighth is no different. You’ll find cake dotted around your village, complete with an eight on top of it.

Summer update

Supercell is gearing up to release the big summer update, and has shared a preview of what to expect. Here are the changes:

New Dark Elixir troop

Supercell has introduced a brand new Dark Elixir Troop, The Headhunter, who is available at Town Hall level 12. She’s an assassin that specialises in using poisons to harm her foes.

She throws cards as a ranged attack, can leap over Walls, does extra damage to Heroes, and damages all nearby enemies with her miasma.

New super troops

There are two all new Super Troops available in Clash of Clans as part of the summer update: Inferno Dragon and Super Witch. Here are the following details:

  • Inferno Dragon: a Super Troop version of the Baby Dragon, and includes an Inferno Tower on its back. It’s an Air Troop with a housing space of 15, a range of four tiles, and a special ability, which fires a continuous beam that increases in damage over time.
  • Super Witch: a Super Troop version of the Witch and Night Witch. Rather than summon an army of Skeletons or Bats, the Super Witch summons a giant Skeleton called Big Boy.

Quality of life changes

  • Friendly Challenges and Friendly Wars now provide you a specific army, which doesn’t require resources
  • Increasing your Town Hall’s level now provides the following bonuses:
  • From Town Hall level four, your troops and spells are temporarily boosted to the currently-allowed maximum level each time you level your Town Hall
  • From Town Hall level four, your resource collectors temporarily produce double resources each time you level up your Town Hall
  • From Town Hall level four, you receive four times the usual amount of star bonus rewards from multiplayer battles temporarily each time you level up your Town Hall
  • From Town Hall level eight your Heroes are temporarily boosted by five levels each time you level up your Town Hall
  • Golem now costs less resources to level up from level seven to nine
  • Your Heroes now have a reduced maximum healing time from 49 to 40 minutes
  • Loot Cart now accumulates loot over a maximum period of 90 days, and its resource capacity has been increased at all Town Hall levels
  • You can now store more returned resources stolen in attacks at Town Hall levels 11, 12, and 13
  • Crusher’s splash radius has been reduced from 3.5 tiles to 2.8
  • Battle Machine has higher DPS between levels 21-30
  • Spring Trap has increased capacities
  • Push Trap has increased capacities
  • Raged Barbarian’s spring weight has increased from one to two
  • Boxer Giant’s spring weight has increased from five to eight
  • Bomber’s spring weight has increased from two to four
  • Cannon Cart’s spring weight has increased from five to eight
  • Returning players now receive boosted experience
  • Troops, Spells, and Siege Machines in the Clan Castle are now included when saving donation requests
  • Grand Warden will now follow the group more effectively while in Air Mode
  • Air Mines will no longer travel across the map if their original target is destroyed, and the maximum distance for target selection is now double that of the trigger radius
  • Troops exiting Jump Spell will no longer retarget
  • Scattershot defence can now run out of ammunition
  • Wall Wrecker has improved pathing
  • Wrong Clan Members will now no longer join a War if a new member with a high trophy count joins the Clan during the selection process
  • A bunch of UI changes

Level changes

  • Cannon can now reach level 19
  • Wizard Tower can now reach level 13
  • An additional Spring Trap is now available at Town Hall level 13
  • You can upgrade an additional 50 Wall pieces at Town Hall level 14
  • Archer can now reach level nine
  • Baby Dragon can now reach level seven
  • Golem can now reach level ten
  • Lava Hound can now reach level six
  • Wall Wrecker can now reach level four
  • Battle Blimp can now reach level four
  • Stone Slammer can now reach level four
  • Lightning can now reach level nine, requires a single housing space, deals reliable damage to a small radius, and causes a temporary stun effect that resets its target’s attacks
  • Clone can now reach level six
  • Archer Queen and Barbarian King can now reach level 75

Clan Games changes

This update introduces a bunch of balance changes made to Clan Games specifically. This includes:

  • The task trashing cooldown is now always ten minutes
  • Speeding up the timer now costs 1x the Gem cost, down from 3x
  • You now receive less points from earning stars using Builder Base Troops, winning Builder Base battles, getting Builder Base stars, and Builder Base destruction

The following tasks now reward more points but appear less:

  • Getting stars against a specific Town Hall or a Town Hall of a level higher than your own
  • Getting stars without using spells or heroes
  • Winning Titan League battles, earning stars from Wars, or killing heroes

Balancing tweaks

Supercell has released a few tweaks to adjust a few things that weren’t working as intended.

Here’s a breakdown of the changes:

  • The Grand Warden is now less likely to follow Dragons and P.E.K.K.As
  • Inferno Tower now has 100 less DPS at level seven
  • Super Wall Breaker’s explosion radius has been reduced to 1.6 tiles, from two
  • Skeleton Spell now spawns 17 Skeletons at level seven, up from 16 previously

As a result of the changes, recent replays have been wiped.

Supercell birthday celebrations

Supercell turned ten today, which is a huge cause for celebration. Each of its games celebrated with a bunch of different events, though if you’re reading this you almost certainly care about Clash of Clans the most.

Here’s what happened in Clash of Clans:

  • There are exclusive daily Trader deals
  • All Spell brewing is 80% off
  • Check out an exclusive special offer in the shop
  • Enjoy the troops events
  • You can get a free anniversary fountain decoration from Season Challenges

Upgrade cost reductions

Upgrade costs are going to be substantially reduced for Walls, Troops, Traps, and Heroes in the upcoming spring update, with certain reductions reaching the heights of 50%.

There are so many changes that we’re not going to list them here, but you can check out a full breakdown on the official Clash of Clans blog.

Builder base changes

Supercell has detailed a bunch of changes coming to the Builder Base in an official blog post, and there are some exciting features here.

Here’s a breakdown:

  • Builder Base now has a new tiebreaker. In the event that you and your opponent’s Stars and Destruction percentage are equal, and that the latter is above 0%, the player with the most time left wins
  • Troop training and Battle Machine healing times have been removed completely
  • You can now train troops while your Builder Base Barracks is undergoing an upgrade
  • The Clock Tower’s multiplier has been increased to 10x, boost duration and duration has been increased to 14-30 minutes and 22 hours respectively, and the refresh cost has been reduced
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