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Clash Royale card evolution update gives the Barbarian a big boost

The Clash Royale card evolution update is almost here, powering up some of the most iconic heroes in Supercell’s popular strategy mobile game.

Screenshot of a Barbian celebrating for Clash Royale card evolution news

A big change is coming in Supercell’s card-based strategy game, with the Clash Royale card evolution update on June 19 pushing some of our favorite characters to the next level. The new mechanic turns common characters like the Barbarian, Firecracker, Skeleton, and others into souped-up versions of themselves, turning everything you think you know about this entry on our list of the best free mobile games on its head.

While Supercell has been teasing the card evolution mechanic for a while, the arrival of the shake-up means you can come up with new in-game combinations to take the battle to your opponents. There are extra evolved cards coming each month, too, so you can look forward to regularly upgrading your common heroes to more legendary versions of themselves.

If you’re thinking about returning to the world of Clash Royale, there’s no better time. Not only is the card evolution mechanic molding a new meta, but the Slash Royale event is still live until June 19, offering half-price gold upgrades. The arrival of card evolution isn’t the only big change to arrive in the game recently, with the elite level cards arriving just a couple of weeks ago, offering you the chance to level up above 14.

To get a better look at the concept behind Clash Royale card evolution, check out the cinematic trailer below (or just enjoy it by rocking out to the Tenacious D soundtrack).

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With that, you’re up to date on the arrival of Clash Royale’s card evolution mechanic. For more on castle crusading, check out our Clash Royale download guide and list of the best Clash Royale decks. Or, if you’re more of an RPG fan, see our Honkai Star Rail codes and AFK Arena codes.