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Clover Retribution codes May 2024

Grab these Roblox Clover Retribution codes to get a bunch of free spins, so you can switch up your trait, magic, and race.

Clover Retribution codes - a Roblox character with a tattoo on his face standing in Clover Retribution

With this list of all the new Clover Retribution codes, you can snap up a heap of handy freebies, including spins for magic, traits, races, and more, allowing you to customize your blocky, anime action adventure to suit your personal playstyle. We update this guide regularly, too, so be sure to check back from time to time.

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Here are all of the new Clover Retribution codes:

  • !insomnia – five magic spins (only valid on new servers)
  • !santaiscoming – ten spins of each type
  • !37klikes – 12 magic spins
  • !mobilestats – one stat reset
  • !36klikes – 120 race spins (must be a part of the Clover Retribution group in Roblox to claim)
  • !communitycode – 120 magic spins (must be a part of the Clover Retribution group in Roblox to claim)
  • !32klikes – ten spins of each type
  • !update2soon – 20 spins of each type
  • !clovergoal – 30 race spins
  • !30klikes – ten spins of each type
  • !cloverthanks – 12 magic spins
  • !28klikes – ten spins of every type
  • !update1 – 20 spins of every type (only works on new servers)
  • !raremagic – instant magic spin
  • !rarerace – instant race spin
  • !spiritssoon – 25 magic spins
  • !timestats – stat point reset
  • !drdwert – free rewards

Expired codes:

  • !halloweenstats
  • !halloweenupdate
  • !update1part1
  • !miniupdatelater
  • !14klikes
  • !2millvisits
  • !7klikes
  • !6klikes
  • !5klikes
  • !4klikes
  • !quickshutdown
  • !cloverfixes
  • !cloverstats
  • !clover_release

Clover Retribution codes - a Roblox character standing outside the in-game blacksmith

How do I redeem my Clover Retribution codes?

The Clover Retribution redemption process is easy, just follow these simple steps.

  • Launch Clover Retribution in Roblox
  • Open the chat box in the top-left corner
  • Type or paste your code into the chat box and hit the send button
  • Your rewards should pop up at the top of the screen!

Note that you can redeem your spins from the main menu.

What are Clover Retribution codes?

Clover Retribution codes are freebies given out by the developer, the Clover Retribution group. They offer a variety of handy in-game goodies, including spins for magic, traits, races, and more. New codes tend to drop in celebration of the game hitting certain milestones, such as a certain number of likes or a fresh content update. So be sure to bookmark this page and check back from time to time so you never miss a thing.

Is there a Clover Retribution Trello?

Yes! You can check out the official Clover Retribution Trello to find out more about the game’s mechanics, grimoires, magics, races, and more. You can also join the official Clover Retribution Discord to hear all about the latest updates and meet other players from around the world.

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