Coffee Talk Episode 2 brews up Switch release date and physical copies

Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus and Butterfly has an official release date for Nintendo Switch, and physical editions bubbling over with cool stuff

Coffee Talk Episode 2 release date: Splash art featuring three new characters

Wholesome and mystical Coffee Talk Episode 2 is coming to Nintendo Switch, and we finally have a release date for the follow-up to 2020’s successful sim. ‘Hibiscus and Butterfly’ introduces even more mythological citizens eager for a cup of your finest beverage.

Toge Productions and Chorus Worldwide are bringing the sequel to all platforms simultaneously on April 20th, 2023, so everyone can start engaging in heart-to-hearts with customers that come into their café.

Coffee Talk takes place in Seattle, where you have a cafe and must brew the best coffee and tea around to satiate those that you meet. In turn, they’ll bare their soul to you, reward you with deep conversations, and you’ll learn all about them and their pasts. Episode 2 promises more of this, with new characters, drinks, and stories to delve into. New ingredients await our tastebuds, too.

Serenity Forge has also got some physical and collectable editions available in time for the release of Episode 2. There are currently three different physical versions on offer, ranging from $40 to $150, each with a copy of Episode 2, and some swag including tote bags, coffee mugs, notepads, stickers, and charms. Check them out right here!

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Fans have eagerly anticipated Hibiscus and Butterfly, especially since the passing of creator Mohammad Fahmi. Thankfully, the developer continued to polish the game to its previous standard, making sure the magic doesn’t fade and the delightful story is upheld.

That’s all we have for the Coffee Talk Episode 2 release date for now, so why not check out our Pokémon Go codes, Genshin Impact banner schedule, and Bee Swarm Simulator codes for some goodies?