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How to get Coin Master chests

Getting Coin Master chests to fill up your card collections can be a long slog, so our guide is here to make things a bit easier.

three Coin Master chests floating above a cast of animal characters from the game

Who doesn’t love a good loot chest? We sure do, so here’s how to get Coin Master chests and fill up your card collections, along with getting XP, coins, and more goodies. We explain what they are, when and where you can get them, and what different types there are.

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What are Coin Master chests?

Chests are items in Coin Master that you can win or purchase from the store. They contain a set amount of cards of varying rarity, along with spins, XP items for you and your pet, and food for your pet as well.

There are three main kinds of chest – wooden, golden, and magical – that you frequently find, but there are plenty of event-specific chests that crop up too. This includes different colored chests, egg-shaped ones to celebrate springtime, New Year’s chests, and any number of themed boxes to coincide with in-game events.

The three basic chests contain the following amount of cards:

  • Wooden chest – two cards
  • Golden chest – four cards
  • Magical chest – eight cards

Other chests give you more, along with heaps of coins and XP, too.

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How do I get Coin Master chests?

Getting Coin Master chests is actually pretty simple, as there are plenty of ways to do it. You can buy the wooden, golden, and magical chests from the store for a few million coins each, as many times as you want – depending on your bank balance.

Here are some more ways to earn chests in the game:

  • When raiding other player’s villages
  • When starting a new village
  • As rewards during events for completing levels – these often contain eight cards and a stack of coins, XP, and pet XP
  • Purchase green, blue, and red chests with stars from completed card sets – these contain between four and eight cards each

So, essentially, the more you play, the more chests you’ll get. Good luck filling up those collections and earning more stars!

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