Dice Dreams free rolls March 2024

Power up your gameplay with our Dice Dreams free rolls guide, and keep rolling, rolling, rolling those dice as you try to hit the jackpot.

Dice Dreams free rools: Key art for the game Dice Dreams shows several of the dice-based characters huddling together

Are you looking for some Dice Dreams free rolls? If you want the thrill of the casino but from the comfort of your home, this addictive mobile game lets you feel like a high-roller in Vegas while also building up your kingdom, and playing with your pals over Facebook. Rolling the dice on the magical board is a blast, but you can quickly run out of chances.

Our Dice Dreams free rolls guide keeps you up to date with all the latest links to unlock more dice rolls and tells you exactly how to redeem them. If you love mobile games and great guides, be sure to check out our other great articles, like Coin Master free spins, Free Fire redeem codes, Genshin Impact codes, Shindo Life codes, and Honkai Star Rail codes.

Let’s roll into our Dice Dreams free rolls guide.

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Date Dice Dreams links
March 2, 2024 50 rolls
March 2, 2024 50 rolls
March 1, 2024 50 rolls
March 1, 2024 One treasure hunt
March 1, 2024 Building blitz
February 28, 2024 50 rolls
February 28, 2024 50 rolls
February 28, 2024 3.5 mil coins
February 28, 2024 20 meadow trails
February 27, 2024 50 rolls
February 27, 2024 25 rolls
February 27, 2024 25 Savanna Trails
February 25, 2024 Four event spins
February 25, 2024 One event spin
February 25, 2024 30 rolls
February 25, 2024 One event spin
February 24, 2o24 Five rolls and five trails
February 23, 2024 Five rolls and five trails
February 22, 2024 30 rolls
February 21, 2024 20 rolls
February 20, 2024 Ten rolls and one treasure hunt
February 19, 2024 20 rolls
February 19, 2024 Building Blitz for 15 minutes
February 18, 2024 Ten rolls
February 18, 2024 Two million coins
February 17, 2024 Building Blitz for 15 minutes
February 15, 2024 2.5 mil coins
February 14, 2024 100 rolls
February 13, 2024 Four stickers
February 13, 2024 Building Blitz for ten minutes
February 12, 2024 20 Superbowl Trails
February 11, 2024 30 rolls
February 11, 2024 150 rolls
February 8, 2024 30 rolls
February 8, 2024 One heart symbol and 20 rolls
February 7, 2024 30 rolls
February 7, 2024 Building Blitz
February 6, 2024 120 rolls
February 5, 2024 Building Blitz
February 4, 2024 30 rolls

What are Dice Dreams free rolls? 

Dice Dreams is a game all about gathering resources, battling your friends, and building an impressive kingdom from your earnings. The name of the game (literally) is those dice, as you’ll be rolling dice to decide your rewards, but quickly run out of dice rolls.

This is the good part, Dice Dreams free rolls are links that unlock more rolls in your game, getting you back in the game and helping you to build up even more resources so you can get back to (virtually) attacking your auntie. These are distributed regularly by the developers over on the Dice Dreams Facebook page, but we have collated them all here so you don’t have to trawl through weeks worth of updates and Facebook posts. 

How do I redeem Dice Dreams free rolls?

Redeeming Dice Dreams free rolls is really simple, all you have to do is make sure you have Dice Dreams downloaded on your Android or iOS device, and click the link above on the same device as the one with the game installed. The link will automatically open the game and unlock your rewards.

How do I get more Dice Dreams free rolls? 

Here are some handy ways to get a few more Dice Dreams rolls.

Play with friends

One of the easiest ways to get Dice Dreams free rolls is to interact with your friends. You can invite new players to join the game for rewards for both of you, and send and receive gifts between you once they have joined.

Connect to Facebook

Linking your Facebook account will unlock some free rolls for you, and it will make it much easier to find your friends to play and share gifts with.


Dice Dreams regularly holds events that reward players with free rolls, make sure you are logging in regularly and keep your eye out for any events that might be taking place.


Dice Dreams is a free-to-play game, but you can spend money if you are absolutely stuck and want to get some more free rolls. Occasionally these are made a little bit cheaper by promotions in the in-game store, so if you are happy to part with some cash to get some more rewards, try to wait until things are on sale so you can get a bit more bang for your buck.

There we have it rollers, we hope our Dice Dreams free rolls guide helps you to build the best kingdom you can, and get you back rolling when you need it. For even more great mobile guides, be sure to check out our article on My Singing Monsters breeding