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Coin Master events - Coin Craze, Village Mania, and more

Learn all about the current and upcoming Coin Master events with our helpful guide, and learn how to pick up some freebies along the way.

A Viking pig aboard a boat

If you’re new to the game and are curious about everything that’s going on, our Coin Master events guide is here to help. Read on to learn more about every event you can participate in, and find out what sort of rewards you can expect to pick up along the way.

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What are Coin Master events?

Coin Master events are available for a limited time and offer you a chance to earn more spins, coins, cards, pet treats, and more. Read on to learn about every single event you can participate in.

Attack Madness

During this event, each attack on an opposing Viking Village will help you earn rewards. As you progress, you must complete more difficult tasks to earn even greater prizes.

Balloon Frenzy

During the balloon frenzy event, you can pop balloons that pass by your village to earn rewards.

Bet Blast

Make higher bets, raid with friends, take on your enemies, and earn greater rewards during the bet blast event.

Cards Boom

The cards boom event means every chest rewards players with 50% more cards. The wooden chest gives you three cards, the golden gives you six, and the magical gives you 12.

Coin Master events - A pig surrounded by cash

Coin Craze

During the coin craze event, you receive an additional multiplier to your coins and your spin button turns to gold. Play as much as you can to earn extra coins from spins, raids, and attacks.

Cards for Chests

Trade duplicate cards for chests and receive spins, pet treats, pet XP, and cards. It’s worth noting that during the event, card trades will not decrease your game stars.

Gift Master

Purchase coins or spin packs with the free gift icon to receive some bonus goodies. You may get chests, coins, pet food, pet XP, or spins.

Gold Card Trade

Finish your card collections by trading two gold cards that are shown in a pop-up.

Raid Madness

During this event, each raid on an opposing Viking Village will help you earn rewards. As you progress, you must complete more difficult tasks to earn even greater prizes.

Sea of Fortune

Head out to sea, but watch out for greedy octopi! Each island you visit will allow you to choose from four boxes, three of which contain a prize, while one includes an octopus that isn’t messing about.

Set Blast

During this event, you can complete sets to earn rewards.

Coin Master events - a pig watering his plants

Special Events

Attack and raid your fellow Vikings for a chance to spin three themed icons and earn rewards.


This multiplayer event pits you and your friends against each other to see who the ultimate coin master truly is.

Tournament Milestone

Make your way to the top of the leaderboard and earn rewards along the way. You can pick up items such as coins, gold cards, pet XP, pet treats, and spins.

Viking Quest

Spin Viking slots with your coins rather than spins to earn rewards. There are ten missions for you to complete.

Village Mania

During village mania, you receive discounts that help you build up your village.

Village Master

Every village you complete will earn you some great rewards. The further you advance, the better the items you receive.

That’s everything you need to know about the Coin Master events. If you’re looking for something new to play, take a look at our list full of the best Android games you can play right now.