Coin Master free coins – how to get them

All of the various ways to get Coin Master free coins in one handy guide

So you want some Coin Master free coins, huh? Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’re going to detail all of the various different methods you can use to get your hands on all of the free coins you need to finish off that village you’ve been working on for an age.

This Coin Master free coins guide is designed to work in close tandem with our Coin Master free spins and Coin Master free cards guides. That’s because a lot of the tips you’ll find in those guides also apply here, and vice versa. We’ll also update all three guides regularly, with any new methods that turn up, so we thoroughly recommend bookmarking all three guides and checking back often.

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Now, let’s take a look at our Coin Master free coins guide.

A slot machine giving you Coin Master free coins

How do I get coin master free coins?

There are many methods of getting Coin Master free coins, and we’re going to list all of these various methods below. So strap in and enjoy the ride!

Daily rewards

The absolute best method of getting a ton of Coin Master free coins is to get the daily rewards direct from Moon Active itself. You can find these links in our Coin Master free spins guide, which we update on a daily basis.

Complete events

Moon Active runs various different events in Coin Master on a near-daily basis, and they absolutely shower you with Coin Master free coins. These include events that reward you for raiding, performing battles, or spinning for three event tokens, among many more.

Register for email gifts

You’ll get a bunch of Coin Master free coins each day by signing up for the daily email gift. We got a nice scoop of 600,000 coins for our troubles, and it only took a minute.

Request coins from friends

You can request Coin Master free coins from friends:

  • Tap on the menu button, at the top right of the page
  • Tap ‘Gifts’
  • Hit ‘Free Coins’
  • Choose ‘Collect & Send All’

You might as well send free coins to your friends, as they might then return the favour. Also, it’s nice to be nice.

Watch video ads

You can watch video ads from the village menu to get Coin Master free coins each day, and we’ve managed as much as eight video ads in a single binge session. That’s a considerable number of free coins.

It’s entirely possible that you can keep checking back every few hours to see if there’s a new video ad available. Every little bit helps.


It goes without saying, doesn’t it? The more you spin, the more free coins you get, so spin as often as you can. Seriously. That’s what makes this advice less obvious.

What we’d recommend that you do is to pop back once every ten hours and use up all of your spins. As soon as your spins fill to the maximum of 50, you’ll stop earning any more for free. That would just be a tragedy.

And that’s it for our Coin Master free coins guide. We recommend you take a look at our Coin Master events guide too to keep up to date.