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How to get Monopoly Go dice

Learn how to get heaps of Monopoly Go dice for free, with helpful tips including inviting friends, collecting stickers, and more, so you can keep on rollin'.

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You can’t do much in a virtual board game without a fist full of dice – and that’s why we’re here to help you snap up as many Monopoly Go dice as possible. From making friends to increasing your net worth, there are plenty of ways to stock up and keep rolling without having to throw your real-life cash on the board.

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How do I get Monopoly Go dice for free?

There are a lot of ways to earn Monopoly Go dice for free without having to spend any of your hard-earned, real-life money. Here are some tips to get you started.

Redeem Monopoly Go free dice links

The easiest way to snap up free dice is to use our free Monopoly Go dice links. We update them every day with new freebies, and they’re super easy to claim, so be sure to bookmark that page and keep checking back to snap them all up.

Keep in mind that we advise against clicking on random links promising free dice elsewhere online, as they may be scams – but you can rest assured that we check all of our dice links for you, so you don’t have to worry about risking your account or device with us.

Log on daily

All of the best mobile games have login bonuses these days, and Monopoly Go is no different. If you log into the game every day, you can claim a variety of handy rewards, including free dice.

Take part in Monopoly Go events and tournaments

Events and tournaments are a great way to earn more Monopoly Go dice, and, with new events dropping every couple of days, participating in them is a very lucrative pastime.

Lucky for you, we keep an eye out for any new Monopoly Go events and release fresh guides highlighting how to participate and all of the rewards that you can earn – so be sure to keep an eye on our Monopoly Go page for any new event guides that pop up.

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Complete Monopoly Go albums

Whenever you complete events or tournaments and level up your net worth, among other things, you earn a Monopoly Go sticker. Once you collect enough stickers from a certain album you receive rewards that can include free dice.

Invite friends to play Monopoly Go with you

If you invite a friend to play Monopoly Go and they accept, you receive a hefty 30 free dice. On top of that, every time you land on a community chest tile, you add money to the community chest on the board near the free parking tile.

To open the chest and claim your prize, you need to invite friends to join and play the game – once enough friends accept your invitation to play, you can open the chest and enjoy the rewards with your pals. So get out there and ask your real-life friends to start playing Monopoly Go, and you’ll be rolling in it in no time.

Level up your net worth

Purchase buildings, upgrade your town, and perform other tasks to level up your net worth. You can receive loads of free dice for every level you reach.

Claim free gifts

Every 18 hours you can claim a free gift in the store. The game notifies you of this, so don’t ignore it, as it often rewards you with a couple of free dice.

Wait for your Monopoly Go dice to regenerate

If you’ve exhausted all other avenues, your last option is to simply wait. Depending on your net worth, you regenerate a set amount of free dice rolls every 60 minutes. If you’re looking for something to do while you wait, why not check out our list of the best games like Coin Master? Or perhaps you could get some friends together and play a classic game of Monopoly.

Screenshots showing how to buy Monopoly Go dice in the shop

How do I buy Monopoly Go dice?

If you run out of Monopoly Go free dice, you can always whip out your wallet and purchase some rolls. Here’s how to buy Monopoly Go dice in the app. 

  • In Monopoly Go, tap on the three line icon in the top-right corner of the screen
  • Tap on ‘shop’
  • Choose how many rolls you want
  • Choose how you want to pay using your Google Play or App Store payment options
  • Enjoy your rolls!

There are a variety of roll packs available for purchase, from 30 to 3.2k, and you get a bonus the first time you purchase each pack, offering 50 to 15k free dice as an additional reward.

Please be warned that there are a lot of sites and online shops advertising cheap Monopoly Go dice or accounts with heaps of dice and currency. We strongly advise against purchasing Monopoly Go dice anywhere but from the in-game store. Not only are third-party sellers going against the Monopoly Go terms and conditions which could result in Scopely banning your account, they may also be a scam, and could put your account, device, and even your credit card details at risk. No amount of cheap dice rolls is worth that!

That’s all the tips we’ve got for getting Monopoly Go dice. For more content like this, head over to our Blox Fruits codesBlade Ball codes, and Cookie Run: Kingdom codes.