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Team17 to release new WW1 horror game this year

Conscript is a harrowing survival horror game set during WW1's Battle of Verdun where you must find your lost brother while fighting the war

Conscript release date - a man sat with a shadow cast over him while a war rages on in the background

We might not have a Conscript release date, but Team17 and Catchweight Studio gave us a look at their upcoming survival horror game, and, if the new gameplay trailer is anything to go by, you’re in for a haunting time when it releases on Nintendo Switch later this year.

Set during WW1, the game throws you into the Battle of Verdun, which took place on the Western Front in France between February 1916 and December 1916 – 108 years ago. You play as a French soldier who is searching for his missing brother. Conscript shows you the true horrors of war, forcing you to fight for survival as you navigate your way through the trenches, fight through the battlegrounds that are ruined villages, and solve puzzles while your comrades fall around you. It certainly sounds as though this gem might end up on our list of the best horror games.

The game features multiple endings, indicating that what you do truly matters to the story. In this harrowing fight for survival, will you still be standing at the end of it all? The pixelated art adds to the distressing atmosphere, while what you must do to take down enemy soldiers leaves you questioning everything. The survival aspect of the game means that not only must you engage in combat, but you must also manage your resources.

“With Conscript, I aimed to immerse players in the grim reality of World War 1 while delivering the tense, gripping gameplay that survival horror fans know and love,” explains Catchweight Studio founder and solo developer Jordan Mochi. “I can’t wait to bring this experience to both PC and console players later this year and am especially excited to see the game on the shelves.”

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A demo for Conscript is available on Steam from June 10. Though that’s not exactly helpful to all you Switch players out there, it offers an opportunity to discover what truly awaits you should you brave the Battle of Verdun. To better prepare yourself for what lies ahead, consult our list of the best survival games on Switch and mobile.