Cuphead 2 release date speculation

We're dreaming of a Cuphead 2 release date - everyone wants a sequel to the hugely popular game. Here's what we know about a potential part two.

Cuphead 2 release date - Cuphead in a cigarette tray above fire while a cigar throws things at him

Cuphead is perhaps one of the most beloved games out there, for despite its gargantuan difficulty, it’s also charming thanks to its old-style cartoon animation art style. However, since the Cuphead expansion is out in the wild now, we can’t help but look to the future. Or, more specifically, to Cuphead 2, that’s why we’ve put this guide together in which we provide details on everything we know so far, from the story to trailers, characters, release date speculation, and more.

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Anyway, onto everything we know about Cuphead 2.

Cuphead 2 release date - Cuphead flying a plane and shooting at a giant bird stuck in a bird box who is launching feathers

Cuphead 2 release date speculation 

Given work on Cuphead 2 took a back seat to the development of The Delicious Last Course, it feels safe to assume that a Cuphead 2 release date is still some time away. However, as soon as new details come to light, we’ll update this guide.

Cuphead 2 trailer 

Until there’s an official announcement, we won’t have a Cuphead 2 trailer, but we’ll add one to this guide as soon as we can. While we wait for a Cuphead 2 trailer, why not take a look at what The Delicious Last Course has to offer:

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Cuphead 2 characters speculation 

Of course, without official details, we can’t say for certain who’s in the sequel. Nonetheless, it feels safe to assume that the titular character will return as will Mugman, Elder Kettle, Ms Chalice, and we’d riot if the Devil didn’t show up again. As with the release date and trailer, we’ll add more details about the Cuphead 2 characters when we can.

There you have it, everything we know about Cuphead 2 for the time being. If you need something to keep you busy, our games like Dark Souls and best Soulslike games lists are full of challenging titles.