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Krafton acquires the rights for a Dark and Darker mobile game

Following months of legal trouble for the IP holders, it looks like we might be getting a Dark and Darker mobile game with Krafton stepping into the fray.

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It looks like a Dark and Darker mobile game might be on the horizon, with Korean tech monolith Krafton acquiring the exclusive rights to a mobile version of the game from Ironmace. This news follows on from months of speculations as to whether we might see any form of Dark and Darker release, with Nexon issuing a cease and desist order to Ironmace earlier this year. Now, with the publisher of some of the best mobile games on the market behind it, we’re more sure than ever that we’re actually going to see this thing.

For those that don’t know, Dark and Darker is a highly-anticipated PC game that has been in early access for less than a full month. We say it’s been out in early access, but those who want to check it out have had to jump through hoops due to the ongoing legal situation, with Ironmace admitting that a return to Steam is in Valve’s hands and that it can understand the hesitation with investigations ongoing while denying any wrongdoing.

The actual game itself is an innovative mix of dungeon crawler and battle royale mechanics, set in a macabre medieval fantasy world. Despite the difficulty some are having accessing the game, the IP is already proving popular with fans of both genres and seems perfectly suited to a publisher like Krafton with their experience putting out blockbuster battle royale games.

While the acquisition doesn’t quite clarify what to expect for the PC version of Dark and Darker, it is clear what Krafton’s intentions are. The following quote from Krafton’s Senior Head of Gaming Services Business tells us just that. “We strongly respect various evaluations from the global fans [of] the original IP. In addition, we hope that the potential of the original IP that had shown a new possibility in the global market will continue to live on.”

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It looks like we’re going to see the first official gameplay from Dark and Darker Mobile at the Korean video game trade show G-Star in mid-November. The official Krafton G-Star site features this dungeon-crawling title right at the top of the page, so we’re on the lookout for all the latest information and any gameplay details that might emerge during the event.

With that, you’re up to date on the upcoming Dark and Darker Mobile release following Krafton’s exclusive acquisition of mobile IP rights. For more dungeon-crawling adventures, check out our picks for the best games like Diablo and the best games like Dark Souls.