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Enter the Abyss with this Darkest Dungeon Dark Souls Artorias fan art

This Dark Souls Artorias fan art is next level artwork, and frankly it makes us sad that this rendition of the Abysswalker isn’t really in Darkest Dungeon

Dark Souls' Artorias fighting the chosen undead

Sometimes you scroll through Reddit, and everything comes to a stop when you stumble across some epic fan art, and that just happens to be the case for us this morning, and this Dark Souls Artorias in Darkest Dungeon fan art by Reddit user D3PRESSO is too good for us not to share it with you.

The incredible artwork, currently doing the rounds on Reddit, is of Artorias the Abysswalker, one of the most popular characters in the entire Dark Souls franchise, but instead of a standard depiction of the DS boss, D3PRESSO’s Dark Souls Artorias fan art depicts the warrior as a Darkest Dungeon character, and to be perfectly honest, the fact this isn’t in-game upsets us greatly.

Yes, the artwork is that good. It looks as though the legendary knight truly belongs in the gloomy and desolate world of Darkest Dungeon. Of course, Artorias also appears as though he’s ready to kick some serious butt – just imagine the damage you could do in those dungeons with this guy on your team.

Where can I find the Dark Souls Artorias fan art?

You can find this adorable rendition of Artorias on Reddit or just check it out below, and it’s something we suggest you do, as this fan art deserves some recognition. Though we have one minor complaint, and that’s the lack of Dark Souls’ Sif (though this is purely because of our love for the great wolf and her adoration for her master).

Artorias in Darkest Dungeon art style from darksouls

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