Deck the halls with this Dark Souls Christmas fan art

We might still have a couple of months until Christmas, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy this Dark Souls Christmas fan art - Santa came early this year

A Dark Souls knight faces up to a giant red wyvern on a battlement at the end of a stone bridge.

It’s October. Therefore, it’s spooky season, and it’s a time to embrace all things horrifying. This means acknowledging that some people are already in the Christmas spirit – yes, this is a terrifying concept. It’s not even Halloween yet! Anyway, it appears as though the inhabitants of Lordran are already set to celebrate the holiday season, if this Dark Souls Christmas fan art is anything to go by, at least.

While we at PT want to celebrate Halloween and all things that go bump in the night, we even have to stop to bask in the glory of this Dark Souls Christmas fan art from Reddit user j3rgan. It portrays the Chosen Undead as Father Christmas with a Santa hat on top of their helmet and a sack in their right hand – whether this is full of enemies or presents, we can’t say.

Admittedly, we can’t imagine that the festive season is particularly amazing in Lordran, but still, we admire the Chosen Undead for taking time out of their busy schedule to dress up as jolly ol’ Saint Nick.

Where can I find the Dark Souls Christmas fan art?

You can check it out in this Reddit thread, or you can look at this knightly Santa below – we ho ho hope you like it.

Since it’s already halfway through October, I decided to draw this from darksouls

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