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We just have to embrace The Abyss with this Dark Souls Manus fan art

This Dark Souls Manus fan art is one of the best artwork’s we’ve seen, it captures everything about the boss perfectly and gives him a menacing look

Dark Souls Manus fan art - the Father of the Abyss stood in the dark

Lordran is a dismal place, though there’s still beauty in this once ethereal land. Anor Londo at its peak is beyond stunning, though should you choose to hit the big-bosomed lady, it plummets into darkness. However, despite how menacing some of thee characters appear, we just can’t deny how enigmatic their designs are, and we certainly appreciate it when the community throws in their own artwork, such as this Dark Souls Manus fan art.

To be honest, this just might be one of the best pieces of fan art to emerge from the Dark Souls Reddit community yet, and it comes to you courtesy of user Prsy0220, an undead that’s clearly an artist by nature. Everything about it matches the essence of Manus, Father of The Abyss.

This boss has a fierce reputation and continues to be one of the hardest bosses in Dark Souls to this day, if not the entire series. Prsy0220’s rendition of the fearsome beast especially catches our eye for the way that Manus’ eyes pop thanks to luminous red in amongst the grey and black artwork.

While you can get a look at the impressive drawing below, we suggest you pay a visit to the official Reddit post, and perhaps check out Prsy0220’s account. Who knows what other fantastic fan art you might come across. Speaking of which, this Dark Souls Artorias fan art is also worth a look at.

Dark Souls Manus fan art in front of a black background

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