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Say bye to the Beheaded in Dead Cells’ final update

Dead Cells’ final update, The End is Near, marks the conclusion of five years with the Beheaded across the Nintendo Switch, mobile, and PC.

Dead Cells final update: Death from the Castlevania DLC with two waving emojis on either side

Motion Twin and Evil Empire have announced the release of Dead Cells’ final update for the mobile, Switch, and PC versions of the beloved roguelike Metroidvania. Update 35, which is currently in alpha on PC and consoles, is the game’s final installment from either of the two dev teams.

In a Steam blog post on Friday, Dead Cells’ developer Motion Twin announced that the game’s 35th update, The End is Near, “marks the end of [the studio’s] creative journey on the game.” The studio worked with Evil Empire over the past five years to bring continual updates to the game, including the incredible Dead Cells Castlevania DLC.

According to Motion Twin’s blog post, “Our commitment to avoiding the “more of the same” trap and keeping Dead Cells fresh and original has led us to this point; as we’ve seen with other long-running series, it’s crucial not to overextend and risk diminishing the unique charm that makes Dead Cells special to us all.” We’d definitely prefer to see one of the best roguelike games end like this rather than fizzling into obscurity.

While update 35 marks the end of new content coming to the game, Motion Twin assures us that there’s plenty more to come from the world, including the upcoming Dead Cells animated series, board game, and mysterious crossover. Evil Empire’s statement says that the team is “very thankful to Motion Twin for trusting us and letting us play with their baby for so long” and that the end of this partnership frees the studio up to work on a couple of new, secret projects.

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Dead Cells’ final update is currently in alpha on PC and Switch and is coming to Dead Cells mobile very soon.

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