Buy KOTOR you must, 25% off on Switch it is

This Knights of the Old Republic deal is a must grab young Padawan, for you can choose your own destiny in this galaxy far, far away

A sith fighting pink enemies

This week, our deal for you takes us to a galaxy far, far away, to a place where the forces of light and dark continue to fight, and in Knights of the Old Republic, you get to decide which side you’re on. So go forth you must, to Amazon US, where you can pick up the digital version of the game on Switch for $11.25 – that’s a lovely saving of 25%!

If you’re unfamiliar with this incredible RPG, you take on the role of a young Jedi knight and must travel the galaxy in a bid to recruit some freedom fighters from a variety of races, including humans, wookies, and droids. Furthermore, you must train them, for how can they hope to win if they’ve no combat experience?

However, this doesn’t actually have to be your path, young padawan. What if you give in to your deep and dark desires? What if you discover how powerful you can truly be, and allow the dark side to seep into your veins and intoxicate you? If you do this, you’re in for a fun time because, let’s face it, being bad feels so good.

Should you need more convincing, you can check out the official trailer, or our Knights of the Old Republic Switch review, where we describe it as “a phenomenal RPG, one that has withstood the tests of time.”

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