Let your emotions go with 55% off Life is Strange: True Colors

Life is Strange: True Colors is a phenomenal game, and right now, you can grab it for a lovely 55% off through Amazon US - let your emotions go

Alex experiecing joy, sadneess, and surrounded by colours

Okay, guys, it’s that time of the week again where we search far and wide to bring you a hard-to-resist bargain, and, this time, we’ve gone for one on Amazon US. Right now, in the US, you can grab a physical copy of Life is Strange: True Colors for $27 – that’s a lovely saving of 55%.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Life is Strange series, it gives you narrative-driven experiences where your choices matter, and drastically alter the ending that you get. Admittedly, LiS’ finest hour is still the original, in which you follow the story of Max Caulfield and Chloe Price. However, True Colors is a fantastic game, and it deserves your attention.

You’re put in the shoes of Alex Cheng, a young woman that comes to Haven Springs, Colorado, to live with her brother, Gabe. She hasn’t seen him for years due to unfortunate circumstances from their childhood. However, tragedy strikes once again as Gabe dies in a freak accident – or was it? It’s up to you, Alex, and her friends to discover what really happened.

Oh, and one more little thing. Alex is an empath, and by that, we mean she feels exactly what other people feel. Be it sadness, fear, joy, or anger, she feels the same emotions, just as intensely, as those around her – you must use this gift wisely to get the best outcome for Alex, her friends, and the town of Haven Springs.

Still not convinced? You can check out the official trailer here, or our Life is Strange: True Colors Switch review, where we describe it as “an incredible game that takes you on a journey of loss, recovery, and adventure.” On a personal level, I also took a deep dive, explaining how True Colors helps me face my own grief.

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