Dream of dodgeball on Nintendo Switch with Desta: The Memories Between

Desta: The Memories Between now has a Nintendo Switch release date, so get ready for some lucid ball games in a multi-dimensional London

Key art of a giant eye in the sky cradling a falling girl for Desta: The Memories Between Switch release date news

Do you like dreaming? Do you like dodgeball? Well, soon you can do both at the same time, with Ustwo Games providing a Desta: The Memories Between Switch release date.

With the title arriving on Netflix Games last year, our Desta: The Memories Between review saw us have a great time with the game, though admittedly wishing for a console version. Now, Ustwo has answered our prayers, and it’s not just a regular old port arriving on Switch either, no, this is the Dream Team edition, providing three extra player characters, new shortcuts for those just trying to engage in the charming narrative, and a nightmare mode for those who think they can really ball.

With the game’s plot revolving around kids in a working-class English town, it’s only fitting that Ustwo Games has revealed that it’s parenting with Youth UK to help fund underprivileged children and teenagers in Britain, with over £81,000 already going to charities around the country. If you want to help the Ustwo Games fund, you can check out the link here.

When is the Desta: The Memories Between Switch release date?

The Desta: The Memories Between release date for Nintendo Switch arrives on April 26, 2023. That gives you a good couple of months to brush up on your throwing skills.

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There you have it, all you need to know about the Desta: The Memories Between release date for Nintendo Switch. For more sports games, with a little less chance of nightmares, check out our picks for the best golf games, cricket games, football games, and baseball games on Switch and mobile.