Diablo Immortal necromancer build guide

Summon the dead in style with our comprehensive Diablo Immortal necromancer build guide, including all the best skills, gems, and attributes

Key art of Diablo Immortal necromancer with a scythe and bone shield

In the mobile version of Activision Blizzard’s iconic action RPG, there are up to six classes to choose from, with Diablo Immortal’s necromancer being one of the series’ mainstays. The dead-raising class is one of the trickier to master, but thanks to it fitting perfectly into Diablo’s gothic-inspired world, it’s also one of the most popular to use when facing the demons of Sanctuary.

Fortunately, with our Diablo Immortal necromancer build guide, we’ve got all the key components you need to order an army of the undead, with the confidence you won’t end up in the ground yourself before too long. As a ranged / intelligence based character, we doubt you want to charge into battle with the dark mage, but we’ve made sure to include different options for different playstyles. 

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Best Diablo Immortal necromancer skills 

As well as a wide range of special attacks, Diablo Immortal’s necromancer has access to two primary skills. The first is soulfire, which is the default ranged magic attack that you begin your adventure with, before you unlock the more powerful bone spear at level 32. 

Screenshot for Necromancer build guide of Necromancer menu option

In terms of secondary skills, the necromancer has access to over ten different attacks, with only enough slots for four. We’ve picked out the best of the best in the table below so you can decide between them for whichever attacks suit your playstyle the most. 

Skill Unlock level Skill type Skill effect
Corpse explosion Three Control  Explode all corpses in a selected AoE, dealing multiple instances of damage to enemies 
Command skeletons One Damage  Raise up to four skeletons to charge into an opponent with an increase to attack speed
Command golem 50 Gather / control  Summon a golem that deals damage to opponents for 42 seconds, stunning any it hits for two seconds, and that can be launched into target areas
Grim scythe One Damage Slash a target area in front of you, dealing damage to adjacent opponents while creating up to two corpses 
Wraith form 15 Buff Turn into a wraith with higher movement speed and a two second invulnerability effect (you cannot attack when this skill is active) 
Bone armor 41 Buff Protect allies in the AoE with a 12 second bone shield that soaks up damage 

With these moves in mind, it really depends on whether you want to be in on the action, or if you prefer to make your moves from the back of the pack. If you’re keeping at the back, bone armor is a good supporting move for when your allies are in a jam, while command golem and command skeletons can keep enemies at bay and away from you. 

Screenshot of Diablo Immortal area with necromancer candles

If, instead, you’re looking to attack directly, wraith form is a must for moments of invulnerability, and grim scythe to keep slashing at opponents in front of you. It has to be said that the necromancer is a bit of glass cannon, so be sure to keep an eye on your health meter. 

Best gems for Diablo Immortal necromancer 

Gem Effect
Chained death Increases your damage output for the more enemies you’re currently fighting 
Fervent fang Creates a stacking damage bonus that is particularly useful against single bosses 
Berserker’s eye The riskiest option on this list, Berserker’s eye boosts damage output while boosting damage taken, but works perfectly for a back row summoner 

Best stats for Diablo Immortal necromancer 

The order of importance for the necromancer’s stats is intelligence, vitality, fortitude, willpower, and power. We’ll say it right away, you don’t even have to think about your power stat with the necromancer, as all their skills are magic related, and instead your points are better spent boosting intelligence and vitality to high levels, keeping health and magic attack damage high. 

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