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Diablo Immortal gems - normal, legendary, and more

With our guide to Diablo Immortal gems, you can upgrade your equipment and charge into battle against the demonic despots who call Sanctuary home

Screenshot of a Diablo Immortal gem being held by a character

In Activision Blizzard’s mobile action RPG, there are plenty of ways to make yourself the most dangerous devil-defeating warrior, and one of those is through using Diablo Immortal gems. These special items boost the power of your equipment, offering certain boons that can help keep health high, offer a knockback boost, or other potent battle effects. But, how do you get your hands on them? 

That’s where we come in, with our comprehensive Diablo Immortal gems guide. Whether you need a couple of normal gems to fill out your outfit, or a legendary gem to super-charge your weapon, we’ve got all the need-to-know info to put you on the path to picking up some precious stones. 

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What are Diablo Immortal gems?

Diablo Immortal gems are consumable items you can use to boost the power of your weapons and equipment. There are currently two standards of gem, that being normal and legendary. Providing you play through the story, you eventually meet the apprentice jeweller, who is an important NPC in that they allow you to socket (equip), upgrade, and remove gems. 

Once you meet the apprentice jeweller, you can easily travel back by using the quick navigate function to switch up your gems for any given challenge. Remember, legendary gems have more powerful boons, so be sure to equip them to your best equipment for solid synergy. 

Diablo Immortal gems menu with the apprentice jeweller screenshot

How do I get Diablo Immortal normal gems?

You can find Diablo Immortal normal gems in one of the following ways. 

  • You get two normal gems a day from the hilt trader, as mentioned in our Diablo Immortal crests and rifts guide, for the price of 600 hilts total 
  • Normal gems are tucked away inside of some hidden lairs – random dungeons that can appear in-game – so be sure to keep an eye out for them
  • You can buy normal gems from players with your platinum in the market 

How do I get Diablo Immortal legendary gems?

Diablo Immortal legendary gems are particularly important in the late game, where their effects are crucial to dealing higher level damage, so be sure to pick some up using these methods. 

  • You can acquire legendary gems by using your legendary crests when entering a rift, with a guarantee of one legendary gem per crest used, making for a maximum of three
  • The Diablo Immortal battle pass will occasionally offer out legendary gems
  • You can buy legendary gems from players with your platinum in the market 
  • Both one-star and two-star legendary gems are available from the apprentice jeweller in exchange for runes and/or platinum 

With that, you should be ready to track down some Diablo Immortal gems, whether they be normal or legendary. For more combat-heavy gothic-inspired adventures, why not take a browse of our picks for the best games like Dark Souls on Switch and mobile.