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Diablo Immortal servers list

There are a huge number of Diablo Immortal servers across the world, so use our list to check them out before diving into Blizzard’s latest mobile RPG

A large fellow with a big braided beard, spiky armour, large muscles, and a giant axe, who looks ready for a fight, from Diablo Immortal.

Diablo Immortal is the latest entry in Blizzard’s much-loved dungeon-crawling series. It’s the first one on mobile, however, offering some on-the-go action on the small screen. Developed in partnership with NetEase, the game is also available on PC, with cross-save so you can take your game across different devices, and cross-play so you can play with your friends.

If you’re going to play with your friends, you’re going to need to pick one of the many Diablo Immortal servers to play in. There isn’t cross-server play, but there are more than enough servers to choose from. Just pick one from our handy list below and dive right in. They’re separated by region, so make sure you pick one near you.

To get ready for the game, you’re probably going to want to check out our Diablo Immortal download guide to make sure you’ve actually got the game on your device. After that, head to our Diablo Immortal classes guide to see which one’s the right one for you. We’ve also got a guide to games like Diablo if you just fancy playing something similar.

Now, let’s get into our list of every Diablo Immortal server.

Diablo Immortal servers

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Diablo Immortal Servers – Europe

Region Diablo Immortal server
English The Ancients, Angiris Council, Archbishop Lazarus, Arreat Summit, Blood Rose, The Borderlands, The Butcher, Cathedral of Light, The Countess, Crystal Arch, Dark Exile, Dark Wanderer, Diamond Gates, Gharbad the Weak, The Hellforge, The Martyr, Oblivion Knight, Sea of Light, Sightless Eye, Stone of Jordan, Stygian Fury, Talva Silvertongue, Thorned Hulk, Throne of Destruction. Trade Consortium, The Unspoken, The Void, Wood Wraith, Yshari Sanctum
French Ammuit, Charsi. Dravec, Esu, Leoric, Skarn
German  Akeba, Hemlir, Segithis, Tabri, Vizjerei, El’Druin
Spanish Fara, Zatham
Italian Sescheron, Talus’ar
Polish Cathan, Itherael

Diablo Immortal Servers – the Americas

Region Diablo Immortal server
NA West Amber Blades, Black Abyss, Breath of the Dying, Burning Hells, Caldesann, Call to Arms, Chains of Honor, Crescent Moon, Cult of Damnation, Deckard Cain, Dry Steppes, End of Days, Eternal Crown, The Gidbinn, Halls of the Blind, Hand of Justice, Heart of the Oak, Kanai, Khalim’s Will, Old Growth, Pandemonium, Purus the Decimator, Sand Scorpions, The Soulstones, Star of Azkaranth, Stormshield, The Triune, Wailing Beast, Zoltun Kulle
NA East Albrecht, Arcane Sanctuary, Arkaine’s Valor, The Curator, Darkening of Tristram, Doombringer, Eternal Conflict, The Fallen, Greed, Hadriel, Helliquary, Iceburn Tear, The, Last Vestige, Lysander, The Malus, Mask of Jeram, Meshif, Plains of Despair, Prime Evils, Risen Dead, Sandro the Mouth, Silver Spire, Sin War, Soul Siphon, Town Portal, Tree of, Inifuss, Ureh, Wirt, The Worldstone
SA Spanish Bul-Kathos, Mephisto, Navair, Rathma, Viz-jaq’taar, Viz-Jun
SA Portuguese Akara, Asylla, Belial, Elzix, Flavie, Gorgothra, Izilech, Jondo, Oza, Xul

Diablo Immortal Servers – Asia and Oceania

Region Diablo Immortal server
East Asia (Korean) Askari, Cydaea, Daedessa, Ennead, Griswold, Harlequin Crest, Kashya, Lethes, Namari, Que-Hegan, Rayek, Sargoth, Tal Rasha, Tassi, Vataos, Zaka
Oceania Baal, Bloodsworn

Are the Diablo Immortal servers down?

To check if the Diablo Immortal servers are down, check out one of the Blizzard customer support pages on Twitter. There are lots of different ones depending on your region, and they keep an up-to-date guide to maintenance times and whatnot. You could also check out the Blizzard Forums to see what other players are having trouble with.

Blizzard customer support Twitter pages:

That’s all the info we’ve got on Diablo Immortal servers, now you should head over to our Diablo Immortal requirements list to see what you need.

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