Honkai Star Rail characters – voice actors, backgrounds, and more

Here’s everything you need to know about all of the announced Honkai Star Rail characters, including details on their voice actors

A group of Honkai Star Rail characters standing next to a train

Honkai Star Rail is an upcoming turn-based RPG from Mihoyo, who you may recognise as the developer of Honkai Impact 3rd and Genshin Impact. This title seems to have a few recognisable faces from Genshin Impact, however, they have different names and backgrounds.

If you’re intrigued by this game and want to learn more, we’re here to help. Our Honkai Star Rail characters guide will fill you in on everything you need to know about the announced heroes, and let you know who the English and Japanese voice actors are. We assume that this is just the beginning of the character roster, so we recommend you check back from time to time to stay in the know.

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Now, let’s get into the good stuff.

Every announced Honkai Star Rail character

Honkai Star Rail's Asta next to a telescope

Honkai Star Rail’s Asta

EN VA: Felecia Angelle
JP VA: Akasaki Chinatsu

Asta is the lead researcher at a space station, and her unwavering curiosity has led her to make some of the greatest discoveries in the field of astronomy. Despite being an amazing astronomer, Asta has trouble looking after herself.

Honkai Star Rail's Clara riding on her robot Svarog

Honkai Star Rail’s Clara

EN VA: Emily Sun & D.C. Douglas
JP VA: Hidaka Rina & Yasumoto Hiroki

Clara is a young girl who resembles Genshin Impact’s Klee. She has no home and joined the prospectors in order to survive. You will often see her with the robot Svarog, who she inadvertently reactivated from a dormant relic.

Honkai Star Rail's Danheng sitting under a tree

Honkai Star Rail’s Danheng

EN VA: Nicholas Leung
JP VA: Ito Kent

Danheng has a shocking resemblance to Genshin Impact’s Zhongli, and he also appears to wield a polearm. He’s a reserved man who acts as the train’s guard. His calm demeanour allows him to observe changes in surroundings with ease.

Honkai Star Rail's Gepard with a blue cape swirling behind him

Honkai Star Rail’s Gepard

EN VA: Bryson Baugus
JP VA: Furukawa Makoto

Gepard is captain of the Silvermane Guards. His meticulous manner is sometimes ridiculed, but the people of Belobog have maintained peace thanks to his efforts.

Honkai Star Rail's Himeko with red lights above her head

Honkai Star Rail’s Himeko

EN VA: Cia Court
JP VA: Tanaka Rie

Himeko is a fiery redhead who encountered the Astral Express as a child when it became stranded near her home. She eventually repaired the train and went in search of companions to aid her in her travels.

Honkai Star Rail's Hook surround by cartoon drawings

Honkai Star Rail’s Hook


Hook is the leader of The Moles adventure squad. Along your journey, she may invite you to join her crew.

Honkai Star Rail's March 7th with pink and blue light around her

Honkai Star Rail’s March 7th

EN VA: Andi Gibson
JP VA: Ogura Yui

March 7th was found drifting in a piece of eternal ice and rescued by the Astral Express Crew. She’s a smart and eccentric girl who’s desperate to learn about her past.

Honkai Star Rail's Seele standing in front of a red moon

Honkai Star Rail’s Seele

EN VA: Molly Zhang
JP VA: Nakahara Mai

Seele is a member of Wildfire who grew up in the Underworld of Belobog. She values strength over all else, and seeks the truth about the underground and her family.

Honkai Star Rail's Welt with shards of mirror flying past him

Honkai Star Rail’s Welt

EN VA: Corey Landis
JP VA: Hosoya Yoshimasa

Welt is a former Anti-Entropy Sovereign who has saved the Earth from annihilation more than once. During a time of peace, Welt became an animation storyboard artist.

And that’s it for our Honkai Star Rail characters guide. If you need something to play while you wait for its release, take a look at our list full of the best mobile RPGs available now on iOS and Android.

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