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Digimon Survive Kaito or the unfamiliar woman

The big question in Digimon Survive chapter three is whether you should believe Kaito or the unfamiliar woman, and we’re here to help you ace it

Kaito and the unfamiliar woman stand next to each other, with your friend Kato looking away, in the wooded area before you find the cable cars

Digimon Survive is full of choices, with many of them having consequences further down the line, but one of the big early decision-making moments comes when choosing between Kaito and an unfamiliar woman. This all takes place in chapter three, and with the high stakes on the line for Takuma and the gang, we can’t blame you for taking the decision seriously. 

So, we’ve put a guide together on whether to believe Ryo or the unfamiliar woman in Digimon Survive, after weighing up the options having experienced both paths. It’s worth pointing out early on that your in-game karma rankings – morale, harmony, and wrath – aren’t affected by either choice, so it’s just down to what you personally feel is the best decision at the time. 

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Should I believe Kaito or the unfamiliar woman in Digimon Survive? 

Let’s be clear from the start, for this early decision, it makes no substantial difference whether you believe Kaito or the unfamiliar woman in Digimon Survive. There’s no noticeable change in the story at least, though you’ll experience a different preamble to the upcoming boss battle depending on which direction you went in. 

Screenshot of the decision screen menu which has a choice under either Kaito or the unfamiliar woman in Digimon Survive

Digimon Survive – believe Kaito route

If you’ve got any sense at all, you should head down the Kaito route, as the unfamiliar woman is sus with a capital S. If you choose to go with Kaito, you have to deal with his mithering as you follow the cable car path to the radio tower, but you also get the chance to strengthen your relationship by getting to know the character a little better, which might help you gauge the correct answers to his affinity questions further down the line. 

Both routes end in a boss battle against Arukenimon, a Digimon masquerading as the unfamiliar woman, and if you take the Kaito route you begin with him and Dracmon at the back of the battlefield. From there you can make your way to the cable car, free the gang and their Digimon, and then take it to the spider queen. 

Digimon Survive – believe the unfamiliar woman route 

If you believe the unfamiliar woman in Digimon Survive, you’re either curious or naive. It’s quite obvious that she’s a shady character, but if you want to trust her, that’s up to you. Jumping on the cable car with her and the gang you experience a different cutscene to the Kaito route that slowly reveals the unfamiliar woman as kidnapper Digimon Arukenimon. 

The unfamiliar woman reveals herself as Arukenimon in a silhouette hidden behind Ryos head in the cable car

This route takes you to the same battle against Arukenimon, but instead of finding the group suspended from webs in the cable car, you’re part of the trapped team. If you opt for this route you can take in an extra recruit Digimon, before releasing some of the companion Digimon in the cable car to join the battle.

With that, you’re clear on who to believe between Kaito and the unfamiliar woman in Digimon Survive. For more on this dark departure from the usual Digimon World, be sure to check out our full Digimon Survive Digimon list