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Can you save Ryo in Digimon Survive?

Bandai Namco’s darker than ever Digimon world deals with death in a way other games haven’t, but can you save Ryo in Digimon Survive?

Ryo looking sad and confused, as Ryo nearly always does, in a cherry blossom field in Digimon Survive

Digimon Survive sees a colourful cast of characters lost in the Digital World, but none seem more intimidated by their environment than Ryo. Together with his non-communicative Digimon Kunemon, he’s the member of the team least comfortable with exploring the landscape he finds himself in, and this might all be due to a dark secret. 

Either way, Digimon Survive’s Ryo is also the first character we see live up to the name of this mature Digimon title. Spoilers are coming up here, so be warned if you haven’t yet made it to the third chapter of the game, but the question we’ll be answering here is whether you can save Ryo in Digimon Survive, and it’s a complicated one. 

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How Do I save Ryo in Digimon Survive?

You can save Ryo in Digimon Survive, but not on your first playthrough. Unfortunately, Ryo is destined to fall into the shadowy hands in your first time playing, no matter how much affinity you can wrangle with the uncomfortable character before the end of the third act.  

Ryo being intimidated by Arukenimon while trapped in the cable car

Fortunately, Digimon Survive’s New Game + mode offers you the chance to save Ryo, providing that you answer all of his questions correctly both before the event to build affinity and during the repeat of the shadow hands situation. If you want to guarantee positive affinity, you can save before answering each question from Ryo, and load up from that exact moment. 

The most important moment in saving Ryo comes with the prompt “Ryo is in trouble! Do we help?” after the battle with Arukenimon. You need to answer “Of course, we’ll help!”, at which point Kunemon and the humans run to Ryo’s side and help break him out of his funk, with the shadows then dissipating into thin air. 

There you have it, all you need to know about saving Ryo in Digimon Survive. While you’re here, be sure to check out our picks for the next Switch horror games you should try after Digimon Survive.