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Disney Dreamlight Valley seeds

Help your valley grow - literally - with our Disney Dreamlight Valley seeds, full of fun farming tips and handy info on grow times, locations, and Goofy's Stall

Disney Dreamlight Valley seeds - a player pointing at her pumpkin crops

Though it’s so much more than a farming sim, Disney Dreamlight Valley seeds and crops still play a very important part in the gameplay. Whether you’re trying to gather all the ingredients you need to cook a tasty treat for your pals, you’ve got a mission that requires some cotton, or you’re just hoping to turn a profit and purchase that shiny new thing in Scrooge McDuck’s shop, growing crops is the answer.

In our Disney Dreamlight Valley seeds guide, we detail where to get every type of seed, how much they cost, and how long they take to grow. We also go over each of Goofy’s stalls, what seeds they sell, and how much it costs to upgrade them, along with a bunch of handy Disney Dreamlight Valley farming tips. With our help, you’ll be a pumpkin monarch capable of knocking even Jack Skellington off his throne in no time.

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Where do I get Stardew Valley seeds?

While you can collect Disney Dreamlight Valley seeds by completing quests or removing night thorns in their associated biome, the most reliable way to get large quantities is through Goofy’s stalls. It takes some investment for your old pal Goofy to get all the different seeds in stock, though.

Below we’ve listed each of Disney Dreamlight Valley Goofy’s stalls, how much they cost to upgrade, and what seeds they stock, so you know exactly where to take your hard-earned star coins.

Disney Dreamlight Valley seeds - a player visiting Goofy's stall in the Peaceful Meadow

Disney Dreamlight Valley Goofy’s stalls

Peaceful Meadow stall

  • Repair price: free (thanks, Scrooge!)
  • First upgrade: 500 star coins
  • Second upgrade: 1,000 star coins
  • Stock: lettuce seeds, wheat seeds, carrot seeds

Dazzle Beach stall

  • Repair price: 1,000 star coins
  • First upgrade: 2,000 star coins
  • Second upgrade: 3,000 star coins
  • Stock: sugarcane seeds, tomato seeds, corn seeds

Glade of Trust stall

  • Repair price: 2,000 star coins
  • First upgrade: 5,000 star coins
  • Second upgrade: 10,000 star coins
  • Stock: rice seeds, spinach seeds, okra seeds

Forest of Valor stall

  • Repair price: 1,500 star coins
  • First upgrade: 3,500 star coins
  • Second upgrade: 7.500 star coins
  • Stock: bell pepper seeds, canola seeds, onion seeds

Sunlit Plateau stall

  • Repair price: 3,000 star coins
  • First upgrade: 7,500 star coins
  • Second upgrade: 15,000 star coins
  • Stock: chili pepper seeds, cotton seeds, zucchini seeds, soya seeds

Frosted Heights stall

  • Repair price: 4,000 star coins
  • First upgrade: 10,000 star coins
  • Second upgrade: 20,000 star coins
  • Stock: cucumber seeds, eggplant seeds, asparagus seeds

Forgotten Lands stall

  • Repair price: 5,000 star coins
  • First upgrade: 12,500 star coins
  • Second upgrade: 25,000 star coins
  • Stock: pumpkin seeds, potato seeds, leek seeds

Disney Dreamlight Valley seeds - a player stood in front of multiple crops

Disney Dreamlight Valley seeds

In the table below, we list all of the seeds, along with their biome and grow time.

Disney Dreamlight Valley seed Obtained from Seed price Grow time
Lettuce seeds Peaceful Meadow Three star coins Three minutes
Wheat seeds Peaceful Meadow Two star coins One minute
Carrot seeds Peaceful Meadow Ten star coins 15 minutes
Sugarcane seeds Dazzle Beach Five star coins Seven minutes
Tomato seeds Dazzle Beach Eight star coins 25 minutes
Corn seeds Dazzle Beach 15 star coins 12 minutes
Rice seeds Glade of Trust 35 star coins 50 minutes
Spinach seeds Glade of Trust 45 star coins 60 minutes
Okra seeds Glade of Trust 135 star coins 120 minutes
Bell pepper seeds Forest of Valor 12 star coins 15 minutes
Canola seeds Forest of Valor 25 star coins 35 minutes
Onion seeds Forest of Valor 50 star coins 75 minutes
Chili pepper seeds Sunlit Plateau  20 star coins 45 minutes
Cotton seeds Sunlit Plateau  42 star coins 25 minutes
Zucchini seeds Sunlit Plateau  30 minutes 40 minutes
Soya seeds Sunlit Plateau  60 star coins 90 minutes
Cucumber seeds Frosted Heights 40 star coins  75 minutes
Eggplant seeds Frosted Heights 95 star coins 180 minutes
Asparagus seeds Frosted Heights 150 star coins 165 minutes
Pumpkin seeds The Forgotten Lands 275 star coins 240 minutes
Potato seeds The Forgotten Lands 55 star coins 35 minutes
Leek seeds The Forgotten Lands 120 star coins 120 minutes

Disney Dreamlight Valley seeds - a players standing with Minnie by a pumpkin patch

Disney Dreamlight Valley farming tips

If you’re hoping to fine-tune your green thumb, here are a few handy tips sure to see you swimming in a pile of crops a la Scrooge McDuck and his money tank in no time.

  • Always bring a friend – make sure you have at least one friend with the farming trait and bring them along whenever you harvest crops. Planting seeds with them earns lots of friendship hearts, but harvesting with a farming buddy increases your yield, meaning more bang for your buck!
  • Make sure to keep crops growing and watered whenever you can – this may seem obvious, but crops take real-world time to grow, and their growth is stunted if they’re dry. Therefore, if you want to keep your crop business booming, aim to always have some seeds growing, and keep an eye on their water levels
  • Look at your map – the world map shows you when crops need watering by displaying a red raindrop icon, or that they’re ready to harvest by showing a green crop icon. This is super handy when you’re out exploring!

If you’re farming crops to make food, be sure to check out our Disney Dreamlight Valley recipes list. If you’re hoping to sell your crops instead, the best investment is pumpkins. They may take the longest to grow and cost the most out of all seeds, but you can sell them to Goofy for a whopping 664 star coins each. Alternatively, turning pumpkins into pumpkin soup or pumpkin puffs is a great way to increase your turnaround. Okra and onion seeds are also a profitable choice!

For a more early-game friendly money-making crop, we recommend growing and selling lots of carrots, as they’re cheap and only take 15 minutes to grow.

That’s it for our Disney Dreamlight Valley seeds guide. For more magical experiences on the go, check out our list of the best Disney games on Switch and mobile.