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Disney Dreamlight Valley mushrooms

With our Disney Dreamlight Valley mushrooms guide, you can learn where to find the ingredient, and what uses you could possibly have for it

Disney Dreamlight Valley mushrooms - key art that shows the player doing magic for Belle and Wall-E

Welcome to Disney Dreamlight Valley, a magical place that starts out as a bit of a fixer-upper, but you can turn it into a whole new world with a bit of tender loving care. Not only that, but the valley is home to many residents, such as Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Anna, Donald Duck, Ariel, and more, all of which want a friend in you.

Of course, to build strong bonds or to complete daily tasks, you need to go on the hunt for various ingredients such as Disney Dreamlight Valley mushrooms, as they’re a tasty Disney Dreamlight Valley cooking ingredient, as well as a valuable gift – yes, the residents of the valley are so low maintenance that any little pressie can make them feel the love tonight.

In this guide, we explain where you can find mushrooms and their uses  For similar content, you can take a look at our Disney Dreamlight Valley clay and Disney Dreamlight Valley seaweed guides. Or, to discover more about your new friends and where they’re from, take a peek at our Disney Dreamlight Valley characters and Disney Dreamlight Valley realms content.

What are Disney Dreamlight Valley mushrooms?

Disney Dreamlight Valley mushrooms are one of the many ingredients that you can find throughout the valley, and while it can be a quick and tasty treat for a small boost in energy, it’s more worth it to use them to cook some tasty plates of food.

An inventory that shows off Disney Dreamlight Valley mushrooms and other ingrediants

How do I get Disney Dreamlight Valley mushrooms?

You can get mushrooms by:

  • Harvesting them in the Glade of Trust biome (costs 5k dreamlight to unlock)
  • Removing the giant purple mushrooms

In Glade of Trust, mushrooms are easy to spot on the ground or on the side of trees. At first, the biome has limited space due to the giant purple mushrooms that block your path, which can limit the number of mushrooms you can harvest. However, if you move the well across the water to an inaccessible area, you can fast-travel to it and access the previously blocked-off location.

Unfortunately, due to a bug, you sometimes can’t find mushrooms in the initial portion of Glade of Trust, so the aforementioned trick of moving the well is the only way you can combat this.

Meanwhile, in order to remove the big purple mushrooms you encounter, you need to upgrade your watering can, and to do so, you must complete a quest for Merlin, though you do need to reach friendship level eight with him to trigger the mission.

Digging for Disney Dreamlight Valley mushrooms

How do I use Disney Dreamlight Valley mushrooms?

There are a couple of ways you can use this ingredient:

There you have it, everything you need to know about Disney Dreamlight Valley mushrooms. For more magical experiences, check out our picks for the best Disney games – go on, make these a part of your world.