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How to get Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Stitch

Spend the festive season with a new member of your ohana by inviting Disney Dreamlight Valley's Stitch to your valley - and it all starts with a slimy stocking

Disney Dreamlight Valley Stitch and Anna hanging out with the player, while other characters enjoy some snowwy fun in the background

Ohana means family, and who doesn’t want to invite this dangerously cute and fluffy little guy to their valley? With many of you crying out to get even a small glimpse of Stitch, Disney Dreamlight Valley has finally answered our festive wishes. So let’s take a look at how to get Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Stitch so you can start this season of giving with your ohana by your side.

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How do I get Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Stitch?

First things first, you need to get Donald to friendship level ten and complete all of his friendship quests. Then you should find a soggy sock (called the ‘Slimy Stocking’) lying on the island next to Skull Rock on Dazzle Beach. Pick it up to start Donald Duck’s ‘The Mystery of the Stolen Socks’ quest chain.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Stitch - the Slimy Stocking on the beach

With the Slimy Stocking in your inventory, go and visit Donald Duck. He takes it and comes to the conclusion that it was stolen right out of his house! In fact, the culprit isn’t just a sock thief – they’ve stolen all sorts of things from poor Donald, and he’s been seeing ‘a bunch of funny lights streaking across the sky over the beach the last couple of nights’.

Donald tells you to search around his house because ‘the space aliens made a gigantic mess’. Head to Donald’s house and remove the five piles of rubble to get the ‘Strange Device’, then give it to Donald. After fiddling with the device a bit, Donald comes to the conclusion that you need to find the matching Slimy Stocking – but it will probably take a few days to show up.

And that’s where we’re at so far – simply waiting for another soggy sock to show up on the beach (bet you never thought you’d read that sentence, right?). We’re not sure about the steps that will bridge the gap between finding the second Slimy Stocking and getting Stitch in our Valley, but we have spotted an interesting new crafting recipe – Stitch’s Television.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Stitch - a player clearing rubble in Donald's house

You can find the crafting recipe for Stitch’s Television under the furniture tab at your crafting table. It appears to require a Broken Television, which we think will likely be a quest item tied to all of this UFO shindiggery. However, we’ll have to wait a bit longer until we find out.

We’ll be sure to update this guide as soon as we find out more about how to get Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Stitch. In the meantime, be sure to check out our Disney Dreamlight Valley update guide to keep an eye on all the exciting events rolling out through the magical kingdom.