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Inside Out races to the track in Disney Speedstorm season update

Pixar delivers brand-new crew members and racers to Disney Speedstorm when the Inside Out update, Journey of Emotions, appears in the pitstop.

Sadness, Fear, and Joy stand in front of new Disney Speedstorm Inside Out racing environment

Put your pedal to the metal and give your emotions free rein, because Inside Out is making its way to Disney Speedstorm in the latest season update. The next update, called Journey of Emotions, puts protagonist Riley on the podium and brings a new racing environment, plus a fresh set of racers and crew members to help you speed your way to a triumphant victory lap.

Disney Speedstorm likes to deliver new characters with every update, and this time around, we’ll be seeing the likes of Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust, and Sadness join the roster of racers. They’ll be joining the likes of Kermit the Frog, who made an appearance in the previous mid-season update, as well as all the other familiar faces from various Disney franchises. Disney Speedstorm is also bringing in two new mystery racers, slated to appear in the next mid-season update.

To back up your pent-up emotions, a whole host of crew members are making their way to the race track, too, with emotive versions of Riley and her parents, plus many more to come. There’ll be a brand-new racing environment to speed on, as well as a Team Battle racing mode where two teams of three each battle it out for some tasty rewards.

The ranked mode in Disney Speedstorm is also set to see some awesome improvements to make it feel far more rewarding for competitive players, and this includes a new player rank progression and reward system that will work alongside the current progression and individual racer paths. If you want more ways to unlock some exciting rewards, this is the season to do it.

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Like a spraying bottle of champagne on the winner’s podium, we’ve already been showered with exciting news from Disney Speedstorm in this update. But on top of it all, the game is also set to launch on mobile on July 11, meaning you can put your foot down and race even when you’re on the go yourself. The mobile version has already surpassed one million pre-registrations, and to celebrate, there will be a community challenge leading up to the game’s launch on iOS and Android.

We’re not going to show any signs of slowing down when the Journey of Emotions update goes live on June 13, but if you just can’t wait, check out our favorite racing games on the Switch to bag yourself as many victories as possible. Plus, if you’re keen to keep crossing franchises, snap up some Disney Dreamlight Valley codes to get your hands on some freebies!