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Disney Speedstorm gets a surprise new mid-season racer

Everyone’s favorite amphibian, Kermit the Frog, races his way onto the Disney Speedstorm track as the very first Muppet to join the roster.

kermit the frog makes his debut in disney speedstorm

It’s official, Disney Speedstorm’s Kermit the Frog is the newest character to join the line-up of speedsters in Gameloft’s racer. This hero-based racing game pits familiar Disney faces, including Captain Jack Sparrow, Sulley from Monsters Inc., and, of course, Mickey Mouse, against each other as they race for the number one spot. Publisher Gameloft, who also works on Disney Dreamlight Valley and is no stranger to exciting cameos and collaborations with other well-known brands and characters, recently revealed that everyone’s favorite amphibian is on his way to the track.

New Disney Speedstorm characters, tracks, and cosmetics appear fairly regularly, but Kermit the Frog is the very first Muppet to ever join the line-up. This opens the garage door for the rest of his puppet pals to potentially make a future appearance, though whether we’ll see the likes of Miss Piggy join as a racer is uncertain. We see her more as a spectator, dressed in her finest outfits and cheering her amphibian companion on from the choicest seats in the arena.

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With Kermit making his debut in Disney Speedstorm, we know he’ll be a Speedster Class racer, using his love of music to help him cross the finish line in pole position. His unique skill is ‘Banjo Connection,’ where the world’s most famous frog plays a jazzy tune on his banjo to generate boost fuel. So, if another racer gets close to him, they’ll receive a small speed boost while Kermit gains a huge one.

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Banjo Connection’s charged ability makes Kermit completely invulnerable for a short amount of time, while he plucks a calming melody from his much-loved instrument. If an opposing racer gets too close to Kermit while he plays the charged version of Banjo Connection, they suffer a reduction to their top speed while Kermit gains increased boost fuel generation. So, basically, he’s fast as heck.

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