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All Disney Dreamlight Valley codes

With our Disney Dreamlight Valley codes guide, you can make your valley the place to be on Nintendo Switch, alongside your pals Mickey and Goofy

Disney Dreamlight Valley codes: a character with Goofy being silly in the background

With the help of these Disney Dreamlight Valley codes, you can get some extra special rewards. No matter whether you’re Janear, Jafar, or Ja-wherever you are, your heart will go on in this special place.

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Here are all the new Disney Dreamlight Valley codes:

  • SGSNOWDAY – 20 snowy brick road with border, one haughty snowman, one snow kid, one snow lady, and one snow hut (new!)
  • SGMULTIPLAYER – pixelated cooking flame and glitchy pixel duplicate (new!)
  • SGCOZYCOCOA – marble fireplace, marble coffee table, ornate couch, and five hot cocoa (new!)
  • SGWRAPPINGPAPER – free in-game wrapping paper (new!)
  • SG2023 – 500 moonstones (new!)
  • AUTUMNBUNDLE – two pampas grass jugs, two bountiful marigold baskets, autumn wreath, and autumn harvest pennants
  • PRIDE20231 – pride gleam tee
  • PRIDE20232 – pride illuminate tee
  • PRIDE20233 – pride shine tee
  • PRIDE20234 – pride shimmer tee
  • PRIDE20235 – pride glow tee
  • PRIDE20236 – pride radiate tee
  • PRIDE20237 – pride bright tee
  • PRIDE20238 – pride dazzle tee
  • PIXL – air hockey table, game machine, coin-op game furniture items

How to redeem Disney Dreamlight Valley codes in the game's menu

How do I redeem Disney Dreamlight Valley codes?

While there are no Disney Dreamlight Valley codes yet, this is how you redeem them:

  • Fire up Disney Dreamlight Valley
  • Hit select
  • Go to settings
  • Head to the ‘Help’ tab
  • Tap redemption code
  • Enter your code
  • Hit enter
  • Enjoy your freebies!

What are Disney Dreamlight Valley codes?

Disney Dreamlight Valley codes provide you with in-game goodies courtesy of the developer, Gameloft, though it’s yet to release any. However, a redeem code option in the game indicates that they’re on the way.


There you have it, everything we know about Disney Dreamlight Valley codes. For more magic, you should make these Disney games part of your world.