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The best dress up games on mobile

Whether you're an aspiring fashionista or just want a chill game where you're free to express yourself, these mobile dress up games have something for everyone

Screenshots of characters from three dress up games

No matter your age, gender, or personal style, dress up games have the potential to appeal to anybody. Whether you remember playing with Barbie dress up sticker books, making over your (or your sibling’s) toys with permanent markers and a pair of scissors, or trying on your parent’s clothes as a kid, we’ve all played dress up at some point in our lives – it’s a great way to explore your own creativity.

These days, dress up games have gone far beyond sticker books and fashion dolls, and there’s a huge selection of them available for free on mobile devices. Whether you’re hoping to make over stunning celebrities, adorable anime characters, or gorgeous guys, there are plenty of titles covering a wide variety of styles, themes, and scenarios. In our list of the best dress up games on mobile, we’ve hand-picked a selection of the finest, fashion-forward titles for you to choose from, so you express yourself anywhere, any time.

If you’re looking for more games that encourage your creativity to blossom, check out our list of the best decorating games. We also have a list of the best Barbie games on mobile and Switch, so you can follow in the footsteps of everyone’s favourite fashionista.

The best dress up games for girls fashion

In these games, you focus on getting a variety of lovely ladies and gorgeous girls dolled up for different events. From stunning, red carpet gowns, to kawaii pastel couture, there are plenty of choices to suit your personal style, no matter how you identify or express yourself.

Screenshots of the Love Nikki dress up game

Love Nikki Dress Up Queen

Google Play / App Store

With its stunning, illustrative art style, gorgeous outfits, and ample room for creativity it’s hard not to love Love Nikki Dress Up Queen – which is likely where the game gets its name from. It’s a truly beautiful (and addictive) dress up game, enriched by an interesting narrative and heaps of fun events, as you take the lovely Nikki on an adventure across seven kingdoms, each with its own distinct fashion styles and unique characters. With over 10,000 costumes, engaging style battles, and a great community, Love Nikki Dress Up Queen is a real queen among dress up games.

Unfortunately, the game does suffer from the standard issues common to a lot of mobile games, with recharge periods hindering your progress, specific outfits tied to limited-time events and premium currencies, and the need to rely on microtransactions if you want to unlock everything. However, if you can overlook this, both Love Nikki Dress Up Queen and Shining Nikki are really gorgeous gems full of fashion fun. And, if you want a little boost to help you get some of those stunning costumes, check out our Love Nikki codes.

Covet Fashion dress up game characters

Covet Fashion

Google Play / App Store

If you’re looking for a more modern dress up game, you can live your most stylish virtual life through Covet Fashion. Featuring all the latest trends, Covet Fashion invites you to build your dream closet from a huge range of clothing and real-world brands, making over your virtual models with gorgeous hairstyles, make up, and items.

With clothes and accessories from well-recognised designers like Calvin Klein, Rachel Zoe, and Vince Camuto, you can put your most stylish stiletto forward in a variety of style challenges, including red carpet, cocktails, and photoshoots. When you’re all dolled up and ready to go, you can get involved in the Cover Fashion scene and vote on your favourite designs, with winners earning special in-game prizes.

Like other mobile dress-up games, it’s easy to get sucked into spending money on microtransactions with this one, and a lot of the in-game items are very expensive, so keep that in mind before you dive in.

Three different dress up outfits from Alice Closet

Alice Closet: Anime Dress Up

Google Play / App store

Open the door to a mysterious fantasy world and dive into a wonderful, anime fashion adventure. Full of elegantly drawn, classical anime settings and characters, and featuring a narrative voiced by talented VAs, Alice Closet has you dressing up your beautiful doll to enter into the ‘intense and gorgeous Alice Contest’, as you endeavour to both uncover the truth of this bizarre and beautiful land, and protect it from unknown threats.

Not only do you get to dress up your personal Alice in a variety of stunning costumes and styles, you can also customise your own home in this magical realm, and even unlock an enthralling, romantic story with your choice of handsome fantasy men. It has a bit of everything, and is a must for fans of anime and dress up.

If you really love Alice Closet and are looking for something similar to play, check out the developers’ other game, Project Star: Makeover Story, also available on Google Play and the App Store.

Dress up bride with a selection of accessories and make up

Super Wedding Stylist Dress Up Stylist

Google Play / App Store

Can you hear those bells ringing? It must be time for a wedding! In Super Wedding Stylist, you get to put your fashion sense and design skills to the test as you prepare a variety of brides and bridesmaids for the special day. Explore a huge selection of show-stopping dresses, accessories, makeup styles, and more, as you aim to give these ladies the wedding of their dreams.

If you like Super Wedding Stylist Dress Up, you should also check out Games2win.com’s other title, Indian Fashion Dressup Stylist, which invites you to revel in stunning Indian fashion, including beautiful bridal dresses, gorgeous indo-Western styles, and stunning traditional Indian jewellery. Indian Fashion Dressup Stylist is also available on both Google Play and the App Store.

Teenage fashion dress up game screenshot

Teenage Fashion Dress Up games

Google Play

Android developer Teenage Fashion Dress Up has a variety of fun dress up titles for you to explore, covering a variety of styles and scenarios. Whether you want to doll up a group of gorgeous besties in Girl Squad: BFF Dress Up games, or makeover your dream boyfriend in Boyfriend Games: Dress Up Boys, there are heaps of awesome outfits, styles, and scenes to choose from, and they’re bound to keep you entertained for hours.

Vlinder garden dress up game screenshot showing three outfits

Vlinder games

Google Play / App Store

If you’re looking for relaxing princess dress up games or avatar creators, the Vlinder titles by 31 Dress Up Games (or DAN SU on the App Store) are right up your catwalk. We personally love Vlinder Garden Dress Princess, available on both Google Play and the App Store, which is a combination of dress up game and farm simulator, where you plant and grow beautiful flowers and style your characters with gorgeous, ethereal dresses.

The best dress up games for boys fashion

While most dress up games focus on making over and styling beautiful girls, there are still plenty of picks that encourage you to explore the world of men’s fashion. In these dress up games for boy’s fashion, you can choose outfits and hairstyles for hip-hop singers, kpop stars, celebrities, and more.

Five kpop idol dress up dolls

Kpop Idol Beauty Secrets: Kpop Boy Group Dress Up

Google Play

It’s no secret that Kpop idols have an amazing sense of style, and never make a public appearance without an impeccably fashionable outfit. And, in Kpop Idol Beauty Secrets, it’s your chance to show the idol world what you’ve got, as you style your own Kpop boy group.

Choose from more than 600 items, including a variety of cool clothes, awesome accessories, cute haircuts, and snazzy backgrounds, to form your dream kpop boy group, and then share your designs online. With its adorable art style and so many cute combinations to explore, it’s a great, chill experience and a fun way to show your love of all things kpop.

And, if you love this, you can also check out the girl group edition of Kpop Idol Beauty Secrets.

Hip hop dress up character

Hip Hop Fashion Stars Dress Up

Google Play / App Store

Lay down a cool beat and show off your hip hop style in Hip Hop Fashion Stars Dress Up. Choose from one of four different characters, Zizzy, Zi-Di, Mincki, and Drake, then kit them out with your ideal hip hop outfit, complete with awesome accessories. Explore the exciting world of hip hop fashion and culture, and let your imagination soar, in this fun and funky fresh dress up game.

Three anime dress up boyfriends

Sky Blue: Boyfriend Dress Up

Google Play

If you’ve ever dreamt of styling your own dream boyfriend, Sky Blue: Boyfriend Dress Up is the perfect game for you. Haneul is your tall, handsome anime boyfriend, with a perfect face and pacific ocean shoulders, and he’s more than happy to try out any outfits you desire – he loves everything you pick out for him, he promises – even that pink, frilly maid costume.

Breakaway from stereotypes and enjoy experimenting with style, as you pick from a wide variety of fashionable clothes, cute costumes, stickers, accessories, and backgrounds. And yes, you can also make him wear any facial expression and say anything you want – go wild.

Mystic Prince dress up game characters wearing different outfits

Mystic Prince Dress Up

Google Play / App Store

Anime doll dress up is not strictly about pretty princesses – it’s about handsome princes too! In Mystic Prince Dress Up you can customise your own male doll avatar with as much freedom as possible. Change his height, expression, background, and the colour of his skin, hair, eyes, and more, as you dress him up in a variety of gorgeous outfits. Whether you want to turn him into a charming prince, ancient warrior, noble samurai, high school idol, or fantasy spirit, the choice is entirely up to you.

Three screenshots of characters from the Batdoll dress up game

BatDoll Monster Boy maker

Google Play / App Store

If you’re a fan of chibi dress up games and pastel goth fashion, you need to check out BatDoll Monster Boy Maker. Every pixel of this game is totally kawaii, as you design your perfect pastel goth boy by choosing the cutest accessories and outfits from over 1,000 free assets. With the ability to pick custom colours, layer clothes, and even give your adorable chibi character bat wings, horns, and a tail if you like, it’s an adorable way of making custom avatars and backgrounds while playing with different styles.

The best pet dress up games

Fashion isn’t just for humans – your furbabies like to get dressed up too! These games allow you to use a variety of pawsome accessories to make your pets look purrfect.

Doggy dress up game character

Puppy Story: Doggy Dress Up Game

Google Play / App Store

If we didn’t have you hooked as soon as we mentioned ‘Doggy Dress Up’, we don’t really know what to say to you. This sweet title does exactly what it says on the tin, allowing you to peruse perfectly adorable puppy attire and dress up your chosen doggo in pawsome outfits. Featuring a variety of pups to pick from, hundreds of dresses, shirts, hats, and backgrounds to play with, and even the ability to create your own scenes in GIF mode, this game is a puppy lover’s paradise.

Three scenes from Kitty Fashion Star dress up game showing cats in different outfits

Kitty Fashion Star: Cat Dress Up Game

Google Play / App Store

More of a cat person than a dog person? That’s a-okay with us, as the creator of Puppy Story: Doggy Dress Up Game has another trick up its fashionable sleeve. Kitty Fashion Star: Cat Dress Up Game is literally just Puppy Story, but, surprise surprise, features cute little cats instead. Kit out your kitties with cool costumes, adorable accessories, and your favourite fashionable outfits to create the purrfect cat avatar. And, if you want even more items to choose from, you can check out Kitty Fashion Star’s sister game, KittCat Story, also available on Google Play and the App Store. It really is the cat’s whiskers!

That’s it for our list of the best dress up games on mobile. If you’re looking for even more titles to explore, take a look at our picks for the best mobile games for a wider range of titles.