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Dying Light: The Following map, story, and weapons

Here's everything you need to know about Dying Light: The following, including its map, weapons, story, and the new gameplay features it introduces

A foot kicking a zombie in the face

Dying Light is a fine entry in the horror genre, despite its scares relying on one of the oldest spooky tropes out there – zombies. It takes these creatures and puts a unique spin on them, one that usually means not going out at night. Seriously, do yourself a favour and stay indoors, or use one of the many safe houses in Haram. The base game is already full of content, but has been expanded even further with a hefty piece of DLC called The Following.

Dying Light: The Following is, of course, included in the Platinum edition that is now available on Switch. It’s by far the biggest expansion pack available for the action-horror game. It has an all-new campaign, a vast map, weapons, and plenty of fresh characters to meet. On top of that, this DLC added new gameplay features.

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What is Dying Light: The Following?

Dying Light: The Following is the largest piece of DLC available for the survival horror game, and it’s part of both the Dying Light: The Following enhanced edition, and the Dying Light Platinum Edition. It first came onto the scene in 2016 as an expansion pack.

It takes place in the countryside, just outside Harran. Kyle Crane, the protagonist of the base game, has learned about a cultist group that is succeeding at controlling the virus. Naturally, he investigates, hoping to find a solution to the ongoing problem in the city.

Of course, it’s not as simple as going on a nice country walk. To learn their secrets, Kyle must befriend the cultists, which, as you might guess, means completing errands for them in a location that’s more akin to a day out in Chernobyl rather than the Cotswolds.

Shooting a zombie with a crossbow

What does Dying Light: The Following include?

There’s a lot of content to unpack with Dying Light: The Following, including a new campaign that has seven new story missions, and a bunch of side quests that provide hours of entertainment.

Dying Light: The Following map

The map here is twice as big as previous areas you explore, so it can feel a bit daunting when you first head out into the world. Also, given it’s in the countryside, the difficulties and challenges you face are quite different to those of Harran.

Of course, like in the main game, you’re free to traverse your surroundings, all while avoiding the walking undead. Zombies remain slower during the day, but, as you likely know, things are different at night. A new breed comes out in the dark, one that gives chase rather than just flailing its arms when it fails to bite you.

Dying Light: The Following weapons

Perhaps one of the biggest draws to The Following – besides the story – is the new weapons, such as a crossbow, submachine gun, and various revolvers. In a world as hostile as this, you need to savour the moments of happiness, including when you get new toys.

Dying Light Bounties

The Following saw the introduction of a new game mode known as bounty, though you must complete the main story for this to become available. So if you’re playing the Platinum Edition on Switch, have a little patience. There are three types of bounties available:

  • Basic bounties – these are simple, just slaying zombies when playing the game could well complete a bounty
  • Daily bounties – as the name implies, these change daily, so the clock is ticking if you want to tackle these
  • Community bounties – these tasks can only be completed if the Dying Light community works together

Dying Light Dune Buggy

Another addition in Dying Light: The Following is the dune buggy, a neat vehicle that allows you to traverse the world more quickly and maybe run down a zombie or two. It comes with its skill tree and weapon options, including spikes, UV lights, and flamethrowers. You can also spruce it up with one of 40 paint jobs. Be careful when using it, though. We can only imagine that if you need to ask, ‘dude, where’s my buggy?’ you’re likely to become zombie chow.

A view of Harran

Is Dying Light: The Following in the Dying Light: Platinum Edition?

Yes, Switch players get to enjoy the sizable expansion as part of Dying Light: Platinum Edition. Of course, you must progress far enough in the base game to unlock it. Don’t worry. It doesn’t take long. Just beat the prologue, and the option to play The Following presents itself.

However, we must caution that it’s by no means a walk in the park, so be sure to level up and upgrade your skills before heading out there.

There you have it, everything you need to know about Dying Light: The Following. For similar titles, head over to our list of the best Switch horror games – there’s a spook to be found for everyone.